Monday, June 21, 2010

Blast from the Past #311: Thumbnail layouts for TMNT Volume 1 #15

Some more stuff from that sketchbook -- these are my very rough thumbnail layouts (and some of them are, literally, about the size of a large thumbnail) for issue #15 of the original TMNT comic series.

It's interesting to look back at these and see just how much -- or how little -- I felt I needed to draw to get across to myself the idea of what was meant to be on each page.

I'm not sure when or why Jim Lawson drew his "Orson" character from "Bade Biker and Orson" on my layouts, but it's kind of funny to see him there. -- PL

P.S. -- Apropos of some of the personal stuff I've been blogging about lately, as I was looking over these pages of thumbnails, specifically the penultimate page, my eye was caught by the dialogue I wrote for "Steve "Stainless" Steel's in his words to "Battling Bernice's daughter, Ananda:

"You're wise for your age, Ananda… I wish I had been as wise. But you need a few more years… to realize that it's never too late to change... as long as you're alive, there's hope…"

Not having the printed issue #15 here in front of me, I can't say how much of that made it into the final form of the comic, but I seem to recall I did have Steve saying something like that. -- PL

P.P.S. I also note that, according to these roughs, at one pint I had considered calling the Justice Force "The Superior Six". I have no recollection of why I didn't.


  1. These are my favorite kind of art -- The rough, thrown together, and just jumbled thoughts of the creators. I love making these drawings, and I especially love to see what comes from them in the end. I really like to see the parts of, or even full stories, that never make it. It's interesting to see things like alternate settings and characters in an artist's sketchbook, as well as just how... unfinished things are. I find the creative process fascinating.

  2. These are fascinating, Mr. Laird. Thanks so much for showing them.

    Ha... I seem to recall a certain Rat saying "Where there is life, there is hope."
    The line may be from the cartoon series?

    Funny how some things just stay with you.

    Rejoicing in the day,