Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blast from the Past #310: rough pencil sketch for cover of TMNT Volume 1, #15

Continuing on with interesting tidbits found in that same sketchbook -- here is the rough pencil sketch I drew while working out the design for the cover of issue #15 of the original run of Mirage TMNT comics.

For anyone who wants to see what the cover ended up looking like when penciled, inked and colored, I posted two images of it back on March 4, 2009.

Blast from the Past #84 repost: TMNT Vol. 1 #15 "clean" cover

Eagle-eyed readers might be able to see faint hints of a drawing of the Fugitoid peeking through the image of the rough pencil cover drawing -- darn that cheap sketchbook paper! -- PL


  1. I was going to point that out until read your last line there.

    Hmm..If I guessed your favorite non-turtle it would be Fugitoid!

  2. As you've been finding all these different pieces associated to certain issues of the comic, toyline, etc. Have you been sorting them in separate files? It seems you operate much in the same way I do, where you put thumbnails, notes, and loose sketches in random sketchbooks. Personally, I like doing that because then years later you get to rediscover things. But in your case where some of these pieces would be very valuable putting them in piles could allow you to sell process work collections one day, so I was curious.

  3. The Fugitoid picture behind that one looks pretty neat... a bit more... finished than some of the others... is it more polished than the usual sketches?

  4. Do you happen to have the inked version of this before the coloring happened? If so, I'm sure people would love to see it!!

  5. " Dinoff said...
    Do you happen to have the inked version of this before the coloring happened? If so, I'm sure people would love to see it!!"

    I suspect it is lurking around somewhere, but I am not able to put my hands on it right now. If I find it, I will definitely post it. Maybe if Ryan Brown is reading this blog, and he has a copy of it, he can scan it and send it to me so I can put it up. -- PL

  6. the first drawing of metalhead!yes!
    as an adult who likes and plays metal,going back and seeing all the metal references(mostly through shirts) in the original comics is very cool.

    though i dont know what the turtles have to do with metal,theyre both cool,so i dont care.