Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blast from the Past #307: unused story idea

This comes from the same sketchbook in which I found the material for the last "Blast from the Past" post, and I confess I have no memory at all of this idea. I do know that I never went forward with it.

Given that my memory of this thing is nonexistent, I was a bit perplexed by the first few lines:

"story idea for TMNT graphic novel #4

(to be used as an epilogue at end of book; juxtaposed against what happens in the beginning of the book, i.e. LEONARDO micro-series)"

After pondering it for a bit, I am left thinking that perhaps the graphic novel I was referring to here was one of the color reprints that First Comics published. I can't recall any other graphic novel projects proposed during that time, other than one which Kevin Eastman and I discussed at some length, featuring a story of the Turtles set something like twenty-five years in the future. But nothing came of that, either. -- PL


  1. I was reading your post from the other page, refreshed.. and BAM! this one was here, I just thought that was neat.

  2. Your ideation process is interesting to me because it's so different from many others I've seen. I like that you write cohesive thoughts in full sentences. It's certainly helpful when trying to decipher what your intentions were twenty five years later, and isn't just a jumbled mess of incomplete thoughts like you sometimes see in different "behind the scenes" type things. Plus we get nice little pictures to help illustrative the ideas!

    I'm sure you don't feel up to it at the moment, especially with the photo scanning project taking so much time but it would be interesting if you could arrange all of these things chronologically. Then you could turn them in to some kind of companion book to correspond with all the issues, it would be really cool to read them alongside the finished product, or in this case see the things that got scrapped along the way.

  3. Yeah your right it does seem to be the color reprint.

  4. Wow that would've been such a bad-ass story. I watched it unfold in my head as I read it. Great find!

  5. Peter Laird,
    I realize this comment has little to do with the subject of this post, but I feel it must be said. (Don't worry I'll keep it simple) I am a 30 yr old man, who still enjoys watching/reading TMNT as if he were ten years old again. I am also an artist (Though much less successful than yourself :))My VERY first drawing was of the Turtles, and truth be told yourself and Mr. Eastman are the very reason I ever picked up a pencil. Thank you Mr. Laird, for nearly half a lifetime of memories.

    If you would like you can check out some of my artwork at: http://thegoofdaddy.deviantart.com/gallery/#_featured
    (None of my TMNT drawings are up, but there's other stuff you might like.

    Once again Thank you, and Cheers!
    - Stephen