Friday, December 19, 2008

Blast from the Past #54 repost: "Space Leonardo" pencils

I can't remember exactly why I drew these two view of Leonardo in a space suit.

It might have been as a possible toy design for Playmates, or as a sketch study for the cover I did for one of the Palladium Books TMNT role-playing games which showed all four Turtles in space. Whatever the reason, I kinda like it! -- PL


  1. Reminds me of the Raphael figure from back in the day. Too bad I lost the darn bubble helmet.

  2. -->> ..yeh safe guess it may have been Playmates design , the " L " and the initials were associated with the original Toys, Toon and TMNT A comics.


  3. Sigh, one more reason why I wish I had actual talent in the 2D world. I could reproduce anything in the 3D one...

    But the computer does most of the thinking for you there :).

  4. We have all the paladium TMNT books and this does look a little like the cover of the space one.

  5. -->> True, but the guys didn't have the initials on their suits on the game book.