Monday, December 15, 2008

Blast from the Past #129: Motorcycle designs for "Return of the Justice Force"

Back in 2003, Jim Lawson did these cool motorcycle designs for the "Return of the Justice Force" episode of the 4Kids TMNT show. This episode adapted issue #15 of the original TMNT Volume 1 comic book, an issue I wrote and penciled and which was inked by... Jim Lawson!

The motorcycles were used in the episode to get Casey and the Turtles from New York City up to Northampton, MA, where they encountered "Stainless" Steve Steel, Metalhead and the rest of the Justice Force. (I love the fact that Jim put knobby tires on some of these big road bikes!) -- PL


  1. I love the bike designs. Its one of the things I always loved about the stuff you guys come up with...even the most regular of things ends up looking so cool when it comes from Mirage.

  2. -->> ..Exact,Sarah

    goddamm i hope more of Jim's concept work is leaked on more B F T P, pleaaaase !!
    ♥ ♥



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