Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blast from the Past #47 repost: "New Comic Day" pencils

This silly six page “dream” story, titled “New Comic Day”, was something I wrote and penciled -- back in the late 1980's or early 1990's, I think -- for one of the First Comics TMNT "graphic novels" (actually color reprints in trade paperback form of the early TMNT comics). Jim Lawson inked it. It was inspired by the ritual weekly trip the guys at Mirage would make to the comic book shop in the Mountain Farms Mall in Hadley, MA, on new comic day, which was on Wednesdays.

That ritual is, sadly, no more (as is that comic book store in Hadley). Now there are a couple of stores selling comics in Northampton that we go to. I usually get my comics-related stuff at "Modern Myths". -- PL


  1. Pete,
    I've always enjoy this little comic the robot always reminded me of a Go-Bot.
    I also wanted to share with you that I finished my Complete Carnage Custom figure using an Etrigan the demon figure.
    If you get some free time take a look :)

  2. -->> ..where the heck is ' Modern Myths ' ??

  3. I'm a Modern Myths Regular myself!

    Its in Northampton, Ma Tokka.

    Love the comic, its so funny!

  4. I love this short, the layouts are great. Makes me feel claustrophobic when Mike is getting attacked.

  5. Any chance you and the guys would do a signing at myths. It's so close, it would be so easy. I'd definitely go. -Elias/Northampton

  6. I have the First Comic TMNT book one. It's interesting to see the TMNT comic in color as well as that neat short comic.

  7. The First graphic novel was the first TMNT book I got as a kid, later after it was misplaced and the 2k3 show was coming out I got into comics and started collecting them. It all came about because I was trying to track down the original book I had, which I found mind you :)
    I still have a few issues from vol 2, Image and a couple from vol 1 I have to track down. I have really enjoyed your work Peter especially the early books you and kevin did!

  8. "Elias said...
    Any chance you and the guys would do a signing at myths. It's so close, it would be so easy. I'd definitely go. -Elias/Northampton"

    If invited, I think the Mirage dudes would do a signing there. -- PL

  9. hi peter i have been a tmnt fan since 1990 ,always wanted to see some before ink and colour because im so used to looking at the finished comic oh cant wait for the new movie