Thursday, August 21, 2008

Toronto 2005

Delving once more into my archive of digital photos, I found these from our first trip to the Toronto comicon back in 2005, and seeing how some of the Mirage dudes (Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot, Mike Dooney, and Steve Lavigne, I believe) are heading there this week (in fact, I think they started the drive early this morning), I thought it would be fun to post these.

These first two are of sketches I did at the show. I can't remember if these were commissions (I rarely do full-body sketches at shows these days) or if we had a slow period during the show and I did them out of boredom.

This is a really nice TMNT "group shot" sketch Jim Lawson knocked out during the show, which I think some lucky fan ended up with.

We did several touristy things while in Toronto, including a harbor boat ride, which was actually quite pleasant, as it was a hot day and the breezes off the lake were very refreshing. Here are Steve Lavigne and Mike Dooney on the boat, along with a nice view of the Toronto city skyline.

I hope the guys have a great time at the show this week. Maybe I'll join them next year. -- PL


  1. I love the sketch of Don!!

    It looks like a mix of your style and jim`s style.

  2. -->> Good god ..look at all this !! !!

    The Mike looks strangely charming as well , Nach.. almost chibi - ish ..well kind of.

    God wow !!


  3. Very nice I always love seeing your art! Did Dooney do any that you can show?
    I also have an odd question and if it's to personl you can just ignore it, but I was wondering what ever happend to A.C. Farley I really adore his work and it has inspired me beyond words!
    -Vaughn M.

  4. How anyone can hate on Jim is beyond me; I'd KILL to have a sketch like that from him. His turtles are ALWAYS awesome.

  5. I don't hate Jim at all Alex just not a fan of allot of his bare bones current style, but that doesn't mean there aren't things that I don't love of his also.
    Jim seems like a great guy, this is sort of a reverse for me with rock stars I love allot of their work but can't stand them as people.

  6. "~ tOkKa said...

    The Mike looks strangely charming as well , Nach.. almost chibi - ish ..well kind of."

    I think that's because I screwed up a little on that drawing and drew his head at about 120% it's proper size! -- PL

  7. -->> .. that was a compliment.

    I find the illustration oddly cute.


  8. Oh my! That brings back a wave of nostalgia to see an old school Laird turtle! :D

    It sort of makes me wish I hadn't drifted away from the comics world in 2000 and wasn't going to cons. Maybe I could have witnessed these in person!

  9. Come back to the Great White North!