Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Team Mirage minimoto

Have you ever seen a "minimoto"? There was a fad for these a few years ago, and I think they're still being sold. Basically, the average minimoto is a tiny motorcycle with, I think, a 50cc two-stroke engine. You can get an idea of how large (or small) this one is by the fact that it is sitting on a weight bench in my old studio. I think it's slightly less than three feet long. Note the sophisticated starting system (the pull cord)!

Believe it or not, an adult human being can ride these things (looking quite silly, however.) This particular one, with its bodywork painted in the original Team Mirage colors, was a gift to me from the Lashways, whose two sons -- Larry and Gerry -- were sponsored by Team Mirage to race motocross. -- PL


  1. I really like the paintjob on that. I also think its cool even though it's likely unintentional, that the handles sort of resemble the shell pattern. They should be painted to emphasize that, it would be a nice touch.

  2. like the color !!

    They still sell these, kids around here ride em, get caught by the cops and get in big trouble. They're not street legal...I saw one kid being held by a cop til his parents got there. No helmet, illegal motorised vehicle and he looked under 16..

  3. We have some kids in our trailer park who ride them. They do wear helmets, and stay in the park thank goodness. Looks like fun, actually. Funniest thing is to watch their dad ride. Looks like a circus clown!

    This one is sweet!

  4. -->> god.. Exactly how many TMNT themed bikes are out there, i mean somewhat officially sanctioned ones ( for lack of a better words ) ??


  5. That would make an excellent grand prize for the 25th anniversary... >.>


    I could SO see tOkKa on this. *serious nod*


  6. Those bikes are a blast...for about 10 minutes. Feels like a go-kart compared to a real car.