Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mouser designs

Back in 2001, when we were in discussions with Kids WB about doing the new TMNT tv show with them, I did some sketches for a possible new look for the mouser robots that Baxter Stockman creates. (Trivia note: Many years ago I had also designed the mousers for their first appearance in issue #2 of the original comics.) With this redesign, I wanted to keep the basic elements of the originals but add something a little more creepy. Too bad these were never used. -- PL


  1. These look cool, but I must say that I still like original designs better, as well as mousers that ended up in 4kids cartoon. Idea of fourway opening mouth is still good one, tho.

    -Topi Väisänen

  2. I'm sad these weren't used! While I do love the mousers, their design has never exactly struck fear into my heart.

    The first design looks like a mechanical version of some alien horror-movie monster. (Actually, a tiny bit reminiscent of the monsters from Tremors II, one of my favorite B-flick series.) I really dig it!

    Michelle Prestileo

  3. -->> And Baxter himself was looking a little ' stalky ' for lack of a better way to put it.

    There was also this tall ' sinister - looking ' business man named Irons or something.

    That character actually looked very striking and he had this geeky little assistant ( so it appeared ).

    What was to have been his role in this show ??

    The WB direction for the Turtles could have been quite different than 4kids's .. and i'm curious just how far it would have gone.


  4. Wow! Those redesigns def. look creepy!

    I'm glad it stayed true to form though!

    Awesome sketches though!

    ~Dinoff Masterson~

  5. I have to say... I like the ones that ended up on 4Kids and the originals. While the other looks wicked, I think the "simpler" design was more menacing. I think the more innocent it looks, the more deadly/scary...


  6. -->> Cyn, why couldn't these be just another version of th emousers.

    Even the 4 kids toon and video games has had a few different versions of them. Giant Mousers, 2.o mechs, and organic ones.
    Maybe these could be 2 . o and a half.

    The 'creepy' factor is pretty cool


  7. Blogger ~ tOkKa said...

    -->> Cyn, why couldn't these be just another version of th emousers.

    Okay... You have my permission. I shall issue the orders directly.


    True very true-- just another upgraded version.

  8. The Mouser Bot, first one anyway, sort of reminds me of a Monster seen on Extreme Ghostbusters... One of the Ghost Plants if memory serves that created pod People had a mouth that sort of opened up like that :).

  9. I'm pretty sure Shanbahac was it's name Neil :)

  10. The four way mouth is very lovecraftian-alien looking. Freeeeeky.