Monday, May 19, 2008

Raphael by Ryan Brown

Here's another cool sculpture gift, this time from the talented digits of Ryan Brown. I have several sculptures that Ryan made for me, but I believe this was the first one, and may have been one of his first experiments with Sculpey.

I see Ryan's drawing style all over this sculpture. He really did a great job on the crouching pose, didn't he?

One thing that I always wonder when I look at this piece is whether Ryman meant to leave the plastron area unpainted. (What you see there is the color of the backed Sculpey.) Either way, it doesn't detract from a very nifty rendering of Raphael. -- PL


  1. Wow! That sculpture is amazing, I think it's my favorite one that you've posted so far! :) Mr. Brown is very talented

  2. That's a pretty cool sculpture!

  3. That is really cute....and still RaphFierce.
    Okay, that's it. Next trip to the crafts store I'm getting some Sculpey to play with!
    (And hopefully make something *myself* before the kids can claim it all!)

  4. Very cool! I love Ryan's style and really miss his creations in the Playmates toy line.

    I don't know if this is to personal or not but I've always wonderd what happend to A.C. Farley?
    He was one of my favorite artists at Mirage.

  5. Great work, Ryan!

    I'm with you, GW - I'm thinking it's time to give this Sculpey thing a try. I actually made some chibi TMNT ages ago that turned out really cute. Hopefully attempts to replicate that will have success. I could also use some Adipose to go with my Doctor Who figures (and I promise the BCC I won't sell them on eBay).

  6. And it's a good thing he didn't paint the tail brown, cuz then it would look like Raph is taking a, oh, uh, you know...

  7. m. said...
    And it's a good thing he didn't paint the tail brown...

    Poor Raph!
    Of all the indignities!

  8. lol @ Murph
    oh well at least he has a tail, instead of not because parents always thought it was the turtles wienis.

  9. Wait a minute. That's his tail. I thought it was, uh, oh, you know...

  10. -->> .. hoo boi ..

    (('s the simplicity and the trademark RB charm i like.. ))


  11. LOL!

    That really is an amazing sculpture. I can't believe Ryan made that during his first try with sculpey. Impressive!

  12. *thinks how that would look cool in her Raphael collection*


    teehee ^.^

  13. You can feel the raphness in the pose. Excellent!