Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blog on!

Well, here I am, doing a blog. I've been thinking about it for a while, watching what my wife does with hers and friends like Steve Murphy does with his "5th Turtle" blog, and finally concluded that it's time for me to get my feet wet.

I suppose this blog will have a significant percentage of content related to the Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles, but I'll probably be going off on other tangents as well.

What put me over the edge and pushed me to start this thing was something that happened at the recent signing we (me, Mike Dooney, Jim Lawson, and Dan Berger) did at the "That's Entertainment!" comics and collectibles store in Worcester, MA last Saturday. We were there from 11AM to 5PM, signing, sketching and chatting with fans. It was a good signing, much like the others we'd done at that shop (I think this was either our third or fourth time there). About half an hour before the end of our signing day, a young couple came up to our tables and started asking us questions. They were really nice folks (the kind of fans we love to meet, articulate and excited) and actually came up with some interesting questions.

I found them both charming, and gave them a couple of head sketches I had drawn on some paper plates (left over -- unused -- from our pizza lunch). Then, just as we were packing up to leave, I also gave them one of the sets of the NYCC TMNT toys from NECA that I had brought with me, which they seemed happy to receive.

As we were driving back to Northampton, though, I kicked myself for (a) not asking their names, and (b) not getting their permission to possibly use the photo I had taken of them posing with their paper plates, maybe on the site or Murph's "5th Turtle" blog. So I was pleased a few days ago to get an email forwarded to me via webmaster Dan Berger -- it was from that couple, and it read as follows:

"Hi guys!

This is Michael and Rajuli, from the Worcester 'Thats
Entertainment'. We came in for free comics day on May 3rd, and we
were the two that hung around near the end and kept asking all the

We just wanted to say thank you so much for your time! We both
loved talking with you and asking all the questions we never
thought we'd have answered. You were so gracious and patient, and
extremely fun (and funny) to talk with as well.

Peter, thank you so much for the sketches on the paper plates, and the turtles toy set. You really made our day (week, and year!) and put a smile on our face, and gave us memories to last a long time!

And of course, I can't write this without thanking you for the
creation of the Ninja Turtles in itself! You guys really made my
childhood what it was...I had as many of the Turtles toys as I
could get (remember the turtles blimp?!), and it even inspired me
into taking martial arts classes.

It's great to know that your creation brought to joy to so many, and that you guys are still out there, patiently answering questions
from fans like ourselves.

Once again, we wanted to thank you for both your time and generosity!

-Michael and Rajuli"

So how about that? Problem solved. I wrote back to them and asked for permission to use the email and the photo, and they graciously gave it. Nice people.

-- PL

P.S. You might be wondering why I decided to call this blog "PALBlog". It's pretty simple, really -- it's my initials plus "blog". (I was having trouble coming up with a cool name, so I went with the basics.) But I also like it because it kind of reminds me of "Peblak", the name I came up with for the city in which the initial "Fugitoid" adventure was set. And -- for those who, like me, enjoy such trivia -- did you know that "Peblak" is an anagram of my and Kevin Eastman's initials?


  1. Well, it's about furshlungin' time! ;)

  2. Congratulations on the new blog. Here's to hoping that you find it a rich and enjoyable experience.

  3. Really glad to see you blogging, Pete! That was great of you to hook up that couple like that; it's so great when, as a fan, the creators you love and admire are as nice in person as you'd hope them to be. You're the man.

  4. That's an amazing story... those 2 are very lucky. I think it's awesome to hear such great stories of folks like yourself, you are a true class act and I am with both of them when I say THANK YOU, for all the joy and excitement that you and Kevin brought, and still bring, to my life.
    Now, i've even got my 3 year old nephew hooked on the Turtles. He runs around his house yelling "Turtle Power, Dudes!!!" TOO AWESOME!!!

  5. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Laird. :)

  6. Yeah, those two were definitely fun and funny! I've already started calling Donatello "the purple one" in their honor! ;)

  7. Isn't it interesting how sometimes you put a question out there and the answer just kinda comes along, floating in on the ethers?

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Blogging, Peter Laird! I think in starting this you have (again!) made a whole lot of people very happy.

  8. Wow, I don't know what is more exciting - reading a blog by Peter Laird, reading the story you relayed, or the neato trivia at the bottom.

  9. So awesome you have your own blog!!:)
    I can't wait to see all the goodness you going to post!:)

    Good luck with it Mr.Laird!

  10. I'm glad to see you in blog land. That was a neat story. They look so happy in that picture.

  11. This is an amazing moment. Thanks for joining the blogging community, Peter! I look forward to reading more turtle fan stories, trivia, and anything else you decide to share with us about the fearsome foursome (or life in general). Welcome!

  12. As everyone else has said, welcome to blogging! That's a great story, about the couple, it proves that it's always good to send thank you messages--you never know when you might end up on a cool blog. :)

  13. This is excellent. Good luck competing with Mr. Murphy. Consider your Atom feed subscribed to... by yet another lifelong turtle fan. :D

  14. Wow this is really cool news!
    I just wanted to say hi Mr. Laird, and that your story was a great opener for your new blog.
    I am new to this as well, I have been reading other blogs from a distance for awhile and I finally made a profile.
    Anyway I have been a fan for a lot of years and well now I get to say Hello
    : )

  15. Cool... another place to lurk around while my students are testing and working and running amok.

    *looks around; takes pictures*

    So-- let's get down to business-- WHAT is the special edition NECA box gonna contain for San Diego Comic-Con, ehhhh?

  16. Welcome to the world of blogging, Pete!! :D

    Kewl story :D

  17. Great to see you blogging! Great story and awesome picture to go with it. Those paper plate drawings look incredible. I hope they find a home under a frame!


  18. *cheers* It's so nice to see you blogging Peter! ^^
    I am glad they were pleased and greatful for your presents. Someday, I'd love to meet you, hopefully soon. :)
    I'd also just like to thank you for the signed copy of TMNT vol4 no. 29 that I recieced. I love it to bits!

  19. Y'know, reading about the couple you encountered caused me to reflect on how the TMNT have affected my life... maybe I'll write on essay or something on it :p

  20. -->> ..we love ya, Pete..

    and i respect your mind and views and put 'em right up there with the likes of Bissette and Gaiman ..


    very sweet opener too.


  21. Thanks for starting a blog and thanks for signing at NYCC. It made getting a set of Turtles figures that much more special. Thanks for your time!

  22. Salutations Mr. Laird, it's great to know there will be a link between you and the fans. I believe it's very important to keep the lines of communication open between a creator and his fans.

    And personally, I wish to Thank you for creating the turtles, who have given me years of enjoyment and hopefully, will continue to do so for many years to come.

  23. Wow! The man himself! Congratulations on starting your new blog. I'm eager to see what you fill the space with!

  24. Welcome to the InterTrons! Oh hey, If you want to see how my tattoo of your signature came out, theres pictures on my blog under the "My TMNT Tattoos" section.

  25. Whoa! I can't believe it! Welcome Pete!

  26. Welcome! :-)

  27. Welcome to the world of tomorrow. It's great that you're finally jumping into the exciting world of web logs, though I'm not sure why I'm acting like I'm some kind of expert, I don't blog. My life is boring.
    But I do like posting on people's blogs whos lives I find interesting. Guess what, Pete, you interest me. LOve the guys in green. You, Kevin, and the rest of the Mirage crew have kept one of my childhood's fondest memories alive and kicking. Thank you.
    As I've aged my love of the TMNT has grown and changed with me. Loved the now classic toon, loathed NT:TNM (though the toys were cool, which is all I really saw living in Italy for the years it was on the air.), and then returning to the TMNT on TV through 2k3.
    Thank you again for your continued love of the TMNT and it's fans, dispite the fact that we can be pretty opinionated and openly so. Just shows how much the guys mean to us. They're a part of us, Mr. Laird. And you made it all possible.

  28. Congrats on the shiny new blog! I hope you'll find this a rewarding experience and a good way to connect with your many fans.
    Now I'm wishing I still lived in Worcester!

  29. Hi, Mr. Laird and thanks for jumping on the bloggin' bandwagon.

    That was such a sweet couple and I hope they enjoy their paper plate sketches.

    It's very thrilling to keep in contact with the folks at Mirage Studios now.

  30. Yo Peter,

    Nice to meet you guys as always. I didn't want to bother you too much this time around with questions, considering NYCC 06, so I asked my one and vamoosed out of there :).

    I don't know if you remember that quick Turtles animation I showed you then...but it's up on youtube.

    I am also working on finishing final models of all Turtle characters. If you happen to need any to celebrate the 25th anniversary, it'd only take a real 3D artist an hour at most to spruce them up for publication ;)..

    They can be seen at my blog, here..
    I plan to updated it soon with more recent finished models..

  31. Hey Peter! It's cool to see your blog. I was another person slow to start one, and now I really enjoy it a lot. (I was also slow to get on Facebook, get a cell phone, etc.) It's awesome that even with the huge demands on your time you still make the effort to get out and make yourself available to fans.

    So you probably don't remember this, but about two years ago I met you at the New York comic convention (it actually led to me meeting Steve Murphy and the publication of my "Evil Casey" script for Tales!). Anyhoo, you were very cool to talk to and it was a very exciting thing to shoot the breeze with you. During our conversation, a young kid and his mom came up and waited patiently as I kept asking you questions, and after a while they wandered off. To this day I still kick myself that I didn't just step back for a few minutes and let them meet you too. They probably made their way back eventually, but I've always regretted not being a tad less starstruck and a tad more polite. There, I've had my say. Now I can sleep better at night. :)

    Anyway, thanks again for the TMNT--they've been a huge part of my life and will be as long as I'm around. And thanks for being so down-to-earth and friendly after all your success!


  32. Woo! Well, I could go off on a long fanboy diatribe right now, but I'll simply say I'm very happy to see you've joined the blogging world, Peter!

    Are any of you guys on Myspace? If not, you should get in on that too! Hell, if you're gonna dork out then you might as well go all the way with it...haha.

    Btw, I enjoyed my copy of TMNT 29 thoroughly! Keep up the great work, you guys!


  33. Good to see you here, Peter!
    I hope the lines of communication between you and the fandom will go easier, now that there's a more direct connection.
    Kind of like those days past of the Comics Publishers Forum on Compuserve. :)

  34. Good to see you getting into the wonderful world of blogging Pete. Can't wait to hear more from you.

  35. Oh goodie now I can thank you thru here putting TMNT on WOWIO cos you've just made is so much easier for me to keep up with the turtles. So...THANK YOU!!! I hope Raph's in the next issue :P I hope he's cured soon too.

  36. Welcome and all the other stuff everyone else already said.

  37. WOW Pete!! Its great to have you onboard. That was a really enjoyable opening piece. Wish I could get the chance to see you guys over in the US someday. Anyway look forward to all the things you have to say on TMNT or not and welcome once again ;o)

  38. Very excited to see your blog. Some of my favorite things in the TMNT comics has always been the letters and I always liked the "Blast from the Past" page. I've been using Murphy's blog as a makeshift version of it, but it's nice to hear from the horse's mouth as well.

    Have fun and don't let the naysayers get to you if they show up. Hope you keep blogging, and thanks for all you do.

  39. Hey Pete, thanks for continuing vol. 4. All of you guys at Mirage are awesome and inspired me to become an artist professionally. Keep up the good work.

    I met you and the crew way back in '93 Philly and had a blast. Hope I can make it to one of your future cons.

  40. Welcome, Peter! Good to see that you started a blog.

  41. Hi!
    Thanks so much for creating a blog Peter! Glad to see you reaching out! :D Hope you are great and thanks once again for co-creating and nuturing such an AWESOME idea as TMNT :)


  42. Awesome! So glad you have a blog now.

  43. Yay! It's so awesome that you started a blog, Peter! :) Thanks so much for creating the Turtles, they really have come to mean alot to so many of us! Keep up the great work!

  44. Welcome to blogging Mr. Laird! I'm sure I will be a frequent visitor.

    That couple that met you in Worcester sound very sweet. I'm glad you managed to get in touch with them (or vise versa).

  45. Hey,Peter,
    Leonardo from Beijing, Nice to meet you!
    [Supper Turtles Fans in Chine~]

  46. Welcome my good sir...welcome!

  47. Hey Pete, I'm kinda new to this blog thing as well. Hope you're enjoying it!!!

  48. Oooh, more reading material! ;) Will check back often.


  49. Yeah, I'm a year behind but I just read all of the Blast from the Past in one day. the TMNT have been a huge part of my life since I bought a copy of the 1st Mirage issue (1st print) when it was brand new. I have been on board ever since. Peter was nice enough to sign my first ten issues (1st print) and do a sketch for me at the Philly con in '93. Best guy in comics. EVER!

  50. I'm a new fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And I'm Crystal Franks. You must the co-creator of the Ninja Turtles series!