Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Ask PL" #2

"Ondi said...
Just wanted to say this is a really great idea and thanks for offering this to us.

I would like to know. If you had the opportunity to have the turtles do a crossover with any comic character/s who would you choose?"

Although it is unlikely to ever happen, I think it would be great fun to have one or more of the Turtles have a crossover adventure with Jack Kirby's Etrigan, the Demon (DC), or the Thing from the Fantastic Four (Marvel). Of course, it would also be cool to do a crossover with Daredevil, as Kevin Eastman has suggested in the past. Batman and Spider-Man offer intriguing possibilities, as well. And Wolverine...

There are quite a few intriguing possibilities for fun crossovers. Just as I was typing the above, I started thinking about characters from other comics who would get on well with individual Turtles, and I got this vision of Donatello and Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) collaborating on some techy project... and now I have this image in my head of Donatello in an Iron Man-style armored suit! (Yes, I know "tiny Don" in the current Volume 4 continuity is using a modified robot body to get around in, but that's very different.) Actually, if memory serves, I think Kevin and I may have drawn an "Iron Turtle" way back when. I'll have to see if I can dig that one up.
And, although we have individually done stories in which our respective characters interact, someday I'd like to work on a crossover Usagi Yojimbo/TMNT story with Stan Sakai in which we both do the artwork and story together. Not sure HOW that would work, but I think it could be a lot of fun! -- PL


  1. THAT would be sweet!

    Your creations are rather close in the anniversary thing-- Both turning or about to turn 25-- so it would seem more than natural to ME that something like that could be worked out.

  2. I'm not sure if this is the same as what you're thinking of, but I believe the Turtle in the upper right of this piece would be Iron Man. :)

  3. Laird & Sakai combining forces for a comic crossover?! That would be a dream come true! I hope you guys can work out a schedule somewhere down the road...

  4. Well, there's always Archie-made CyberSuit versions of turtles, those are bit like Iron Man, except more complicated, I've just recently made reference sheets out of Raph and Mikey for "Archie Challenge" -art thingy, and those took time...

  5. -->> Rosemary, ..that's the same illustration that's in this mag ?? (Er maybe i'm thinkin' of another. I guess it would help if i crack out the copy and look again.)

    .. i didn't know you had that illustration !!


  6. I'd love to see another Usagi and TMNT crossover and if both you and Sakai collaborated on it, then it would be even more awesome!

  7. I've always loved Sam Keith's The Maxx comic. I could see him and the Turtles teaming up to battle arms of Iszs (The Maxx's equivalent to Mousers). Better yet, it would simply be interesting to see a one-off issue of Tales with Sam Keith art/story...

    Ugh, I can see Wolverine and Raph really "hitting it off" too haha.


  8. I always thought the Nightwatcher's armor would have made a nice basis for a "Iron Turtle" design.

    It would be incredible if the Mirage could get together with companies such as Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, Archie, and create a cross company promotion for the turtles 25th anniversary project.

    Were any feelers put out to see if such a project was viable?

    There does seem to be some support for the turtle within each of these companies, Marvel's current editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, is a fan and Warner Bros owns DC. Image did publish the turtles a while back, as did Archie, and Mike Richardson gives alot of credit to the early success and survival of Dark Horse to the turtles.

    Considering the impact the turtles have had on the comic industry, it would be great to see something done with one or more of these companies.

  9. Holy crap Pete don't tease me! That Usagi/TMNT crossover is magic waiting to happen!

  10. I'm not really into the Fantastic Four, but that team up certainly makes sense. Or a mutants vs mutants (TMNT and X-Men).

  11. TMNT and Batman would be awesome! I'd love to see another Usagi/TMNT story too.

  12. Woot! SIX turtles!!!

    I mean... that pic is cool, Roseangelo!

  13. Funny, I thought about these two x-over ideas - too bad they couldn't ever happen. They'd be great.

    I so would love to see a Etrigan / TMNT xover - I love Etrigan, Got all the original issues plus all the Val Semeiks issues of the later 80s/90s series.

    A Ben Grimm / Raph story would be neat - those two have something in common with being different and all that.

  14. There have been Dark Horse and Image crossovers but why hasn't a Marvel or DC ever happened?

  15. "Jason said...
    There have been Dark Horse and Image crossovers but why hasn't a Marvel or DC ever happened?"

    You would have to ask Marvel or DC that question. It's certainly not from any lack of interest or desire on Mirage's part. -- PL