Monday, May 26, 2008


Because one of my reasons for beginning my blog was to establish a new avenue of interaction between me and Internet-enabled TMNT fans, I thought that it might be worth occasionally trying to answer questions directly via this blog.

Here's how I'm thinking it might work: If you have any questions you'd like to ask, post them in the "Comments" section of this blog post. I'll look them over, and pick one or more of the most interesting, and use it or them as the basis for a new blog post.

How does that sound? -- PL


  1. Sounds like a plan:
    Is there any head way being made in the sequel for TMNT? We've heard that the issue was re scheduled for 4 months, four months ago. Any thing you can share on the subject?

  2. First off, thanks for starting this blog!! TMNT fan since I was born in 85.

    My question is of a different nature. Would you consider letting me design you a custom blog design (for free) and set you up on WordPress, so you can be more easily accessible by your fans? Blogger is frustratingly exclusive, and it's hard to participate if you don't use blogger.

    Anway, I'm a web designer and I couldn't think of a better way to repay you for years of entertainment than by doing this for you, let me know if you're interested Mr. Laird!

    Tommy Day

  3. Okay...

    Dang it, Jester beat me to it. Anyway, what he said.

    Plus, IS Neca planning on making a Splinter?

    Third... do you think anyone from Mirage will make it to Comic-Con for the 25th anniversary?

  4. Awesome Idea. Thanks for this opportunity to "talk" to you directly!

    The question(s) that I have are:
    1. I would like to know about the process of pitching an animation series to companies. Who should I first inquire to? An EVP or SVP of a company? I was thinking of the EVP/SVP of Creative Affairs; but is there someone else (lower in the "command chain") that I should write to? In a letter, how much information should I include? I don't want it to come off that I don't have anything prepeared, but at the same time, I really don't feel comfortable laying everything out that I have created just yet. Is there any way to make my pitch "stand out" in any way?

    2. How do you pitch an animation series that you don't own the properties too? For example, If I wanted to pitch a TMNT series to you (which I don't), and I create new characters to interact with characters you own, what do I do?

    Please help! Your advice would be greatly appreciated in this!

  5. -->> ..

    Who are / is some of your favourite TMNT villains ?!

    ( Always wanted to ask that. )

  6. What's the plan for the TMNT after you decide to retire?

  7. Just wanted to say this is a really great idea and thanks for offering this to us.

    I would like to know. If you had the opportunity to have the turtles do a crossover with any comic character/s who would you choose?

  8. Are there going to be any more t-shirts based on the comics?

  9. Hi Peter! Thank you for taking the time to touch base with us and allow us to ask questions here!

    I have a couple I hope you can answer:

    1. Are you at liberty to give us any hints as to what might be coming up in Tales and/or TMNT? I love the longer running stories of your ongoing book and would love to see the return of some two or three part stories in Tales too!

    2. Will any of the Mirage crew be attending San Diego Comic Con next year for the anniversary? It seems like a pretty big deal and something that should be spotlighted there!

    3. With the current storyline in your TMNT book utilizing the Battle Nexus, is there a chance we could possibly see other elements of the cartoon show appearing in the comics? I understand if you'd try to keep it all seperate but given what you've done with the BN, there are lots of things I think could be done better in the comics than they are in the show!

  10. Dear, Peter

    First of all, thank you for starting this blog, I love it. Next, my question to you is a simple one that I've pondered for a long time, I'll never forget finding out that the turtles all wore red masks in the comics as opposed to thinking for years that they were the familiar colors of the cartoons and movies, and when I found out, I thought it was really cool.

    Will the Turtles ever be seen in their comics accurate all red masks in a movie or a cartoon as they were intended?

    I've always wondered if you wanted to try it just to see what would happen, and now that the NECA figurs have been such a huge success, it excites me that people like the all red masks thing so much.

    Thank you much, and God bless!!

  11. Is there going to be a mirage presence at Comic Con International 2009? And will TMNT's 25th anniversery be a sanctioned theme for said convention?

  12. Hi Peter! Thanks again for taking the time to interact with fans. It's much appreciated.

    I echo the questions regarding a TMNT sequel and if the Mirage crew have plans to come to SDCC for the 25th.

    My own personal question is about the "War of the Independents", a cross-over event being spear-headed by Dave Ryan that features a huge group of independent comic characters (such as Savage Dragon, Too Much Coffee Man, and even Usagi Yojimbo). Is there any possibility that the TMNT would join in? The turtles are some of the most well-known indie characters, and I would love seeing them participate in this huge crossover.

  13. i have two questions
    1) what's the status on the TMNT sequel?
    2)how do you feel about TMNT, personally i thought that it could have honestly been better, why no shredder, why not do a batman begins reboot type thing, to generate new fans and keep the old fans.

  14. After reading your comments regarding your reasons behind redoing the early issues of Volume 1 in Volume 4 issue 29, I can definitely understand why you want to redo them. It's clearly your personal preference to give them an updated toning and look, while redoing some of the wording. But I was wondering if there is any chance you'd be willing to reprint copies of the original version in a separate collected trade at the same time as the new retoned trades? I know I'd end up buying both and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. However, I just think printing both styles would give your fans the ability to purchase the style they prefer. What is your opinion on that kind of compromise with the fan base?

    Also, can we please get a City at War trade printed? It is long overdue.

    Finally, echoing Rose, what are the plans for the turtles after your retirement?

    Thanks for the opportunity to get some questions answered.

  15. Hey Peter, this is a pretty simplistic one, but always fun...

    What is your biggest regret in doing TMNT over the last few years? Be it business-wise or character/story-wise...

    And vise-versa, what would be your personal greatest achievement or favorite moment doing all this?



  16. Hi Peter, just a few questions about the CGI TMNT movies.

    1)Although I understand that there were deals between the movie studio and licensees predicated on TMNT being a PG movie, is it possible to coax a PG-13 rating from Warners.

    Reading the reviews and looking at Warner Bros opening day exit poll(with half of the audience being over the age of 13)and boxoffice(TMNT performed more like a teen fueled movie then a family film), I believe there is more potential at the boxoffice for TMNT as PG-13 franchise, while still being able to attract a younger audience, Indy 4 is considered a family movie despite its PG-13 rating.

    2)Considering that you helped to developed the original script for TMNT with Kevin Monroe, is it possible to make the original script available to the public?

    3)How did the decision to come up with a direction for the sequel prior to hiring a director and writer come about?

    4)Is there any possibility of reviving the direct-to-dvd project that was originally intended to anchor the 25th anniversary? Even if the film doesn't make it out next year or has to employ less expensive animation (i.e. traditional hand drawn), such a project would still be greatly appreciated by the fans(espeacially die hard Mirage fans).

  17. First off, I want to say that I am a huge fan of the comics and I am in the process of having the entire collection of the entire series (including the Image Volume 3, and Archie Adventure Series). I was severely disappointed when the current running series went on hiatus, though I understand the need what with the movie and all.

    Now that the comic is back, I find myself disappointed again with the limited releasing of the series and having to purchase them for $10 each. With this issue, I also understand the need to limit the release (as you have mentioned before it is a sinking ship and it's coming out of your pocket) but I was wondering if you could somehow release them in full color.

    I know that I do not have to shell out $10 each time, as it is available to read for free in digital version, but as an avid collector, I feel the need to purchase the real deal. I would feel better about paying so much for the comics if I were getting full color versions. I remember the Volume 2 being some of my favorite comics of the series because Jim Lawson's art just looks so much better in color. The turtles look amazing when presented vividly using the entire spectrum.

    I know it's a lot to ask, and it's probably a moot point at this time, but I have always wanted to ask about it. Keep up the good work though! This has always been and always will be my favorite comic series!

    Despite all of the controversy surrounding it, I miss reading your political/personal opinion rants from the letters section of the comic. Is there any chance of that making an appearance again or show up here on the blog?

  18. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thanks for creating the Turtles and the many, many memories that they hold for me. It's really neat to hear all the stories and what not at signings, is there any chance that you'll come out with a memoir/book talking about how the Turtles were created, developed and then went on to take over the world?

  19. What are your honest thoughts regarding the Archie TMNT series? Can you describe your evolving (or de-evolving, or static?) role in that book? Is the Forever War still planned for print in the next couple of years?

    PS - I met you at Wizard World Philly back in, oh, 2004 or 2005 I think. You autographed the chest of my old Leonardo action figure, amongst a slew of other goodies. You may not remember it, or me, or that day for that matter, but I just want to thank you so much for doing that for me.

  20. Well, I'm late to the party, but I can at least add my interrobang onto others' queries.

    I would also love to know the status of the next movie, in part so I can uncross my fingers as it's been very difficult to type like this for the past six months. ;o)

    AND, I would love to see a Mirage presence at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. I'd have loved to see you guys out here for the last five years, actually, but if there's any time to come on out, oh please, let us see you for the 25th Anniversary.

    Also, if you do eventually sell the TMNT franchise to a third party could you please sell it to me? Thank you.
    Heh. Well, I can dream, right?

  21. Wow, I've just got a little input to add.

    Living in the UK, I get little to no chance of coming to any signings. Has the Mirage crew ever travelled out to other countries? And if so (or not) is there ever any chance of you doing such a thing?

    On the topic of conventions, where can we find out if you're going to be at one?

    I love the comic, but it is getting increasingly hard for me to get it (e.g. The Tales of the TMNT) Is there an easier way for someone living outside the US to get a copy? Sorry to ask but the local comic shop (well the only one here...) that used to get them can't any more because of the UK distributer or something. I am a major TMNT fan and really want to keep up with it so now I'm having to try and get them off the internet, which can make it expensive and sometimes harder.

    Finally, I'm interested in a career in either animation or making comic books. Do you have any advice on how to begin? Maybe even an idea on what kind of portfolio/background a person should provide?

    Thanks for listening to me.

  22. OK, if someone can find an answer to this, you most likley would be able to get it done :).

    One of the most unique sound effects I've ever heard in an animated series, was the background 'sound/music' the Technodrome made whenever we first saw it. Who's idea was it to have an establishing 'sound' for the Drome, and if anyone can describe the process of how it came about, most appreciated :)

    The 25th anniversary has many a cool potential for product ideas. Are there any big announcements coming for the classic series, which itself is now 21 years old? I know it might be too much to hope for with a new DTV animated movie, but one can dream :).

  23. About the TMNT comics published in spain by norma, r we going to see vol. 2 and 4 published too?
    what about tales vol. 2?


  24. I got another, and this came after viewing the official site and the newest addition to the site, original sculpts for the Playmates figures. The question: How instrumental were you in the re-working of Mirage characters into the Old Toon/Playmates universe? I ask mainly about Baxter and Leatherhead, why were they made so different?

  25. Out of the various interpretations of the turtles over the years, ranging from the comics to the movies and beyond, which would you say were your personal favorites?

  26. *This post contains a spoiler for No. 19 of Vol. 4 of the comic, if you're not keeping up.*

    I found Mikey's reaction to possibly becoming a father both surprising and refreshing. After the initial batting an eyelash, he adapts to the idea quite well. (I personally thought he would be shocked he could even conceive with an alien.)

    But that brings up my question: Do the turtles see themselves more as man or animal, especially in terms of relationships?

    Man has a variety of ways to react to getting a woman pregnant, but to a turtle, mating would simply be nature, and Mikey might not end up having a large hand in raising any potential kids.

    But then did being a part of raising Shadow have any effect on their values?

  27. Is there any chance that Mirage would ever official approve of (or at least not sue) a Turtles-centered convention?

  28. My small comic store was able to jump on the TMNT bandwagon when #1 (3rd printing) was released. I have been a loyal fan ever since. My 2 questions; Why did Kev sell off all of his ownership in TMNT? What would be you next project if the TMNT fizzled out? I know this was posted nearly a year ago, but you never know, I might still get an answer somewhere. Thank you for this opportunity.

  29. "My small comic store was able to jump on the TMNT bandwagon when #1 (3rd printing) was released. I have been a loyal fan ever since. My 2 questions; Why did Kev sell off all of his ownership in TMNT?"

    That's a question which should really be directed at Kevin. I could only speculate, as we have never really talked about it, and since the buyout I have had almost no contact with him. If I were to speculate, I would say it was probably a combination of factors, including (but not limited too) boredom with the property, the desire to move on and do new things, and fatigue with being my business partner. You have to understand, also, that Kevin had moved out to California probably four or five years earlier, and had made very few trips back to Massachusetts, where Mirage Studios is located. It is very difficult to keep a 50/50 business partnership going like that, even one wherein the principals are seeing eye to eye on everything (which was surely NOT the case for Kevin and me at that point). -- PL

    " What would be you next project if the TMNT fizzled out? I know this was posted nearly a year ago, but you never know, I might still get an answer somewhere. Thank you for this opportunity."

    I honestly don't know what I would work on if the Turtles "fizzled out". -- PL