Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fan art

One of the frustrating things for me about going to comic conventions -- especially large, busy ones -- is the fact that I meet all kinds of nice people, talk with them, shake their hands... and then promptly forget their names. I've never been good at remembering names and/or faces from first meetings, and it's even more difficult for me at shows, where there are so many people in such a short span of time.

At the recent NYCC, I was given three neat pieces of artwork, and, true to form, I totally forgot the names of the people who gave them to me. But I'd like to share them with you, and hopefully the folks who gave them to me might see them and let me know their names so they can have due credit.

This one is a cute little kid's drawing of the four Turtles (reminds me of a few my daughter did when she was very young).

This Turtle head sketch reminds me somewhat of my father's cartooning style.

And this is a first -- this person actually did a head sketch of ME as I was signing. Not a bad likeness! -- PL


  1. Thanks for sharing! The kid drawings kind of remind me of a boy I use to do drawings for when I was in 6th grade... his father was my teacher that year. So he'd give me drawings back. I know it's not the same person, but that was the first thought on my mind when I saw the art.

    I hope you find the people, I too have the issue of trying to remember names. I know faces much better than names. Good luck!!!!

  2. Whoever the second person is, let's hope you find out who he or she is. If they're old enough, that person should be hired to do an issue of Tales.

  3. Aww those are all great. You should start telling people if they are going to give you art work write their names and info on the back for you. I can't imagine how many people you talk to at one of those events, remembering names would be near impossible.
    It's really awesome that some drew you right on the spot like that

  4. -->> ..those take the cake, especially Logans !!


  5. That Logan one is very cool! I wish I still had the pictures my fifth graders from a few years ago made for me-- I even submitted a few of them to ninjaturtles.com for the art contest.

    And it must have been nice getting a pic of yourself!

  6. The pocket protector is not clearly drawn. Oh well.

  7. Wow, those pictures are great, thanks for sharing them with us! :) I espescially like the one by Logan. It's adorable!

  8. It's incredible to see a creator giving something back to the fans; recognition of their love. Maybe I'll have to pick up the pencil again...