Thursday, May 22, 2008

more RTNY layouts

Here are some more of those layouts from "Return to New York" part three. PL


  1. Thanks very much for that, I never realised just how detailed the layouts were. Looking back at Frank Miller's Daredevil run I always found it interesting that he was credited with writing and breakdowns and Klaus Janson with 'finished art', "How much is 'finished'?" I would wonder. About a year ago I saw some of the Miller pencils, incredibly detailed... His work has always had a very specific vision though, so I could understand the complexity of the breakdowns.

    Do your current Vol 4 stories also get this much attention to detail or is Jim left to interpret the script more?

    Thanks for issue 29 by the way. Great to have Vol. 4 back. The drawing on the inside back cover was a great bonus!

  2. You know Peter, I've just got to say thank you for giving us this kind of accessibility to you, your wonderful life stories, and all of this fantastic work. The level of interaction with us you've started with the birth of this blog is fantastic, and greatly appreciated. I'm sure I am simply stating what each of us are thinking. Being able to interact with you on such a personal level is a dream come true for many of us. So before this starts getting too warm and fuzzy...Thanks for everything.

  3. In all seriousness... what I wouldn't give just to have one page to frame and hang up for myself to see everyday... Just like I have framed Volume 1 issue one and it's currently on display in my apartment.

    Truly stunning and awe inspiring. I absolutely love being able to see these things that I probably wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. Thanks!

  4. oh wow....
    Thank you for letting us see these. I just love all these little slices of Mirage history you are showing us.

    Also, I have to reiterate what was said yesterday. A collection of pencil layouts, roughs, early stage stuff for any of the Mirage media (comics, toys, films) would be so awesome compiled into a book.

    And I guess it would be a lot of work, too...
    (I don't have an emoticom for puppy dog-eyes. Darn.)

  5. These are amazing to see since the layouts were done by you and Kev and then the actual art being different when published. It feels like the dvd extra behind the scenes footage, I guess it is actually. Thank you for sharing.