Friday, January 24, 2014

Inking a Steve Lavigne cover drawing

      A few weeks ago, I got a call from my pal Steve Lavigne. He asked me if I would be interested in inking a cover he was penciling for IDW, for a reprint of some old Archie TMNT comics stories, I think. Having had fun last year inking a couple of his drawings, I said I would.

Steve sent me this JPEG of the penciled drawing, which he had drawn in photo-blue pencil…

… which I printed out on a piece of 11 by 17 inch card stock, and got to inking. I was planning to do it all with brush and ink, but realized pretty quickly that my somewhat rusty inking skills were not quite up to handling the level of fine detail in the drawing in that fashion, so after doing a little bit -- mostly the foreground figures -- with brush, I switched over to a variety of brush markers. That was a lot more in my "comfort zone".

I scanned the inks…

… and then set about clearing up any remnants of the blue pencils, in Photoshop, eventually ending up with this clean version…

… that I could send to Steve so he could do his computer coloring. And a few days later, he sent me this…

… which I think looks very cool! -- PL


  1. Inking always looks like so much fun. Thanks for showing us the process!

  2. This is probably the cover to the TMNT Adventures trade vol. 7 as it includes the 3 part Slash story arc and Slash is featured in the artwork.

  3. A new Lavigne / Laird piece!! And that coloring! Fantastic!

  4. Looks great, though it kind of looks weird with the Turtles being different shades of green.

    1. I'm not sure, but Steve may have been trying to follow the color scheme of the original TMNT action figures. -- PL