Friday, January 24, 2014

Blast from the Past #710: Kaybee sketchbook page 17, rhino mutant on motorcycle

While there are no notes on this page, I have to think that this drawing of a rhino mutant (Rocksteady?) riding a motorcycle was an idea I intended to send to Playmates Toys, as a suggestion for expanding the TMNT toy line.

I can't remember if I ever did send them this drawing -- probably not, as it is not really a finished one -- but I know Playmates ended up doing a variety of motorcycle accessory toys for the TMNT line, so perhaps it would have been superfluous. Did they do one with Rocksteady included? I can't recall, but I wouldn't be surprised. -- PL

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  1. Hi! Bepob had a motorcycle, the "psycho cycle", but I don't think poor Rocksteady had one.