Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Picket Line" by Breena Wiederhoeft... and a very nice "Thank you!"

Occasionally, I will get a note from a recipient of a Xeric Foundation comic book self-publishing grant, usually thanking the Foundation for the grant. But a few days ago I got a REALLY cool one.

There was a large -- about 11" by 15" -- envelope leaning up against my office door at Mirage, and when I opened it, there was this:

Breena Wiederhoeft, writer and artist of a graphic novel titled "Picket Line", a copy of which was also at my office door (here's the cover)...

... had created this incredible, elaborate "Thank You!" in the form of a full-color page of comics, featuring the TMNT and her character "Rex" from "Picket Line". And not only did she send a nice color copy of the art, she sent the ORIGINAL! Wow. Thanks, Breena! -- PL

To find out more about Breena's work and her graphic novel "Picket Line", you can go to her website, "Easel Ain't Easy" at this URL:


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