Thursday, June 12, 2008

When in California...

This is a cute photo of Kevin and me I found recently. I'm pretty sure it was taken on our second trip out to the San Diego Comicon in 1987. Dig the crazy shirt I'm wearing -- it's definitely something I picked up at one of the cool stores at the shopping area that used to be called (and probably still is) "Seaport Village". -- PL


  1. -->> ..think you bought that shirt on Electric Avenue ...v<

  2. Wow!
    Funny picture!
    So, it's been bugging me for a while, so I gotta ask this. What is your relationship with Kevin Eastman? Are you two friends? Enemies? "Frenemies"? Is it cordial between you two? I haven't read anything that says that you two aren't friendly, but I did read that you two didn't always see "eye to eye".

  3. The shirt sort of reminds me of something from an old Quantum Leap publicity photo. Can't remember why, though :).

  4. Seaport Villiage is still there. It's not Comic-Con without pizza in Seaport. One of the highlights of Con every year for me

    (Oh, and the villiage still has lots of crazy shirts).

  5. Do you remember this really cool place there that had the best fudge? I heard it was gone, and because my time is limited, I don't get a chance to check it out...

    Anyway, it's weird-- I only missed meeting you both by what.. two years?

    Hope that someone from Mirage (and I know it won't be you because I totally understand the flying thing! Believe me!) will be here next year for the 25th anniversary!

  6. Speaking of you being in California, why aren't you attending the San Deigo Comic con?
    *Shakes Fist*

  7. That's a very nice photo and yes, it's still called Seaport Village, a great touristy place to visit!

  8. I wish you guys would patch it up. I guess that is almost like asking divorced people to remarry...