Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heroes Con, Day 2, Part 2

So we're back at our hotel after the second day at Heroes Con, watching out of our windows as a big storm lashes the city with heavy rain. (I'm glad we left the convention hall just as it started to sprinkle, and got in to the hotel before the deluge.) It was another good day -- lots of nice folks, plenty of signatures to do, hands to shake, etc.. I did quite a few head sketches, sold a bunch more prints, and today completely sold out of the twenty-five portfolios of small prints I made to bring here.

Here are a few images from today's show:

This is Jim Lawson working to uphold his "convention sketch hero" status. This incredible piece is something he just knocked out for the heck of it during a lull in the flow of people at our tables.

Mike Dooney is shown here carefully doing his precision inking on one of the several sketches he did of beautiful women from the comics. Mike brought with him a simply AMAZING sketchbook which he had completely filled with similar drawings in brush and marker. All our jaws dropped when we looked at this thing -- just gorgeous. I think about half of them have sold so far. I seriously doubt any will make the trip back to Northampton.

Here I am posing with this cool thing these two guys (whose names I forgot to get -- sorry, dudes!) brought over to show us. It's a mock-up of a package of "Kirby Krackle", made to look sort of like a box of cereal. Don't know what "Kirby Krackle" is? It's the name given by some afficionados of Jack Kirby's work for those "cosmic energy dots" that Kirby used to great effect to show the release of concentrations of vast power. These two gents were big Kirby fans, and it shows.

Here's Dan hard at work inking a cool drawing of Casey Jones -- I think Dan sold several similar drawings today, and the people who bought them got a GREAT deal.

Eric is shown here finishing up one of his unique color pieces. He's the only one of us who is doing color stuff at the show, and today he and I sold several of our color TMNT head sketch collaborations.

Finally, here's the whole group near the end of the day. Do we look tired? We were. -- PL


  1. Send some of that storm to the West Coast, please. This heat wave is melting me.

    Congrats on another successful day.

    And did I say those huge banners were the coolest of the cool?

  2. Great photos. They make me think of the wonderful times I had had with all of you at conventions--Philadelphia, New York, Bethesda, even Anthrocon.

    I haven't been to Heroes Con in 10 years. It makes me want to go back. Are you all going to be there next year?

    Stan Sakai

  3. That storm was mean, we got stuck in it on the highway and had to pull off into a gas station and wait about 15 minutes or more; also saw atleast 1 car that had gone off the road and down into a wooded area.

    I wanted to say thank you again for signing everything i had with me on day 1 aswell as day 2. Hope you can make it again next year. You all deffinately made this my favorite time at Heroes Con since i started going about 5 or 6 years ago.

    Enjoy day 3 of Heroes Con and the rest of your time in Charlotte.

    -Nathan Myers

  4. " stan said...
    Great photos. They make me think of the wonderful times I had had with all of you at conventions--Philadelphia, New York, Bethesda, even Anthrocon.

    I haven't been to Heroes Con in 10 years. It makes me want to go back. Are you all going to be there next year?

    Stan Sakai"

    Stan, if I knew you were going to be there, it would certainly be an incentive for me to make the drive again!

    And speaking of good times we've had at shows together, your name came up at dinner tonight in that very context. We were telling Guy Davis and his fiance Rosemary some fun stories from Anthrocon. - PL

  5. These con blogs provide both a little inspiration and a little alleviation from the geeky heartbreak of not being able to go.

    Thank you.


  6. -->> Hardened Warriors..

    (( ..sensin' a slow Mirage crawl to the East coast in the future.. ))~~ **


  7. Hey Guys,
    It was great to meet you for the first time. My wife and I enjoyed meeting you and picking up those prints and having Peter sign the artwork. We have been turtle fans Since the big explosion in the 80's. Please Please Please come back next year. I'm looking forward to collecting the new issues! Will there be any comic pages for sale on the site? Thanks for the sketch Peter, I having it framed!!

  8. Thanks for being there this year. I will have to send you the group picture I took of you, Jim, Michael, and Eric. It was a pleasure to meet all of you.

  9. Glad to see the con went well, and that everyone had a good time.

    Speaking of things at the con, I hope you don't mind, but I did a post of some of your artwork on my blog. It's more of a step by step to the finished product. The link is below. Please take a look at it and let me know what you think! (Or if you would like me to take it down, I understand).


  10. Wow Stan if you and Peter decide to attend HeroesCon next year that would be incredible. I would be going back for sure. I would love to see a Ninja Turtles and Usagi cross over art piece for the convention. I would buy that in a heart beat.

  11. I so wish I could afford to go to one of these cons to meet you guys... Unfortunately, being on the other side of the atlantic and not being very well off (I scrape by!) there's no way I can get over there! Any chance at all of seeing any of you TMNT dudes over in the UK?

    Perhaps I should start saving up!!

    I read that some of you were driving cross country to get to the con - was it a good drive? And how long did it take you? And di you get tempted by any neat sideshows along the way?

    I love long road trips. When I was in Portugal (visiting my parents who moved over there last year) we spent alot of the time driving around looking for old churches and neat places to visit. We were going along when I noticed these signs with a dinosaur on it, with Portugese writing below. Having only a basic understanding of the language between us, we thought one of the words were 'footsteps'. We decided to follow, and about an hour later we came across a large valley with a small side shop. We went in, paid a few euros each (my treat as I wanted to find out what it was, being the dino lover I am!) Anyhoo, turned out that after walking for about another forty minutes or so, we got to the bottom of the valley where you could see footprints of the dinos! It was amazing, walking in the prints of those gigantic lizards. A great adventure!

    So do any awesome road trip stories for us? I'd love to hear!

  12. It was so great to meet you! I loved how approachable everyone at heroescon was and many of them were folks I'd admired for sometime (especially you). I hope you enjoyed the doodle of donnie I'd made for you(I'm sure you get enough to fill a small room so I won't expect you to remember exactly who I was). It was great to hear about the development of the current cartoon and what you get to do at Mirage.

    P.S. if stan sakai ever decides to make a trip to charlotte he can count on me finding him and giving him some art as a gift for all the great stories he's told over the years.

    -Paul C Smith

  13. I love reading the Sakai posts. It feels like we're in the loop.

  14. Thanks for posing with our box of KIRBY KRACKLE Cereal last year! You are one of the great Comic Book legends that have posed with it! Check out the album of comic book dignitaries with a love of Kirby at

    Check the Kirby Krackle Album in the pics!

    Charlie Vanguard