Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jim Lawson: Convention Sketch Hero

I've said in the past -- maybe even on this blog, though I can't remember exactly -- that my friend Jim Lawson is in the running for the title of "Hardest-Working Man in Comics". The dude is prolific and has a work ethic to be admired and envied (I know I do).

While going through some photos last night, I happened upon these images from a show we did in Boston back in 2003. I'm pretty sure this was a commission for a fan Jim met at the show.

It's amazing to me that Jim is able to bang out great sketches like this at shows -- it's very rare for me to do one full-body Turtle sketch per show, let alone a four-Turtle group shot! Some fan went away happy, that's for sure. -- PL


  1. wow, this fan must have been something special...


  2. Wow!
    That is mighty impressive!

    Was that on a regualr sheet of paper, or on a small stock card or something?

    Either way, excellent detail!

  3. Very nice! I love Jim's style...


  4. ... The dude is prolific and has a work ethic to be admired and envied (I know I do)


    -->> No doubt. and people wonder why i love the guy so much.



  5. yeah someone went home happy. Nice :D

  6. Man do I love Jim's work. That drawing is kick ass. I love how his drawings can have a sort of choppiness to them, you know, not so rounded off. I guess a more surreal look without going to overboard. He just may be the "hardest working man in comics."

  7. Here is headshot of a sketch he made me in 2004.

    Future Raph

    Let's see if I can find the whole thing...

  8. This is why you guys are so popular. You love your work and work to please.