Friday, January 11, 2013

Dr. Dome and his Domeoids... in three dimensions

I meant to post this earlier, but with the press of holiday responsibilities, and a healthy helping of procrastination, I didn't get to it until now.

About a month ago, I stopped in at Mirage Studios -- I think it was to print out my Christmas cards -- and I unexpectedly ran into Jim Lawson, who was showing two people around the studio. They were Rick Dries, a fellow Jim had been corresponding with, and Rick's young son Jake.

Rick works in the Coast Guard, but he is also a very talented sculptor of custom action figures, a number of which he had brought with him to show to Jim. Given that our paths had crossed in this random fashion, I got to see them too. I wish I'd taken photos of them all -- RIck had made some very cool "artist's versions" of the Turtles, the most memorable of the bunch (to me, at least) being the "Eric Talbot" Turtle, which captured Eric's style quite effectively.

But Rick had also brought with him three other nifty non-Turtle sculpts, which he graciously gave to me. These are of characters I created when I did issue #15 of the original TMNT comic book series -- Dr. Dome and his Domeoids (two of them, in fact). I think RIck said he used an Incredible Hulk action figure as the basis for Dr. Dome (but radically transformed, as you can see), and the Domeoids were built from scratch.

Pretty impressive work, in my opinion. You can see more of Rick's work here:

Thanks, RIck! -- PL


  1. really nice. i just recently read that story again. thanks for posting!

  2. Very cool! #15 is one of the issues from my childhood collection that seems to be lost to time. It will be fun piecing my collection back together and reading these missing links again.


  3. P.S. Some of those missing pieces came in the mail today, actually. Thanks for all your hard work, PL! The Fugitoid figure is so neat. He will look good on my desk. Maybe Professor Honeycutt can keep me on task when I spend too much time on the internet!