Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Shellback signing!

I'll be heading up to Maine next Saturday to do a second signing at Steve Lavigne's "Shellback Artworks" store, but this time I'll be sharing a table with Mirage Studios pals Dan Berger and Jim Lawson. (We're hoping Mike Dooney will go as well, but he hasn't made a final decision, as far as I know.)

The signing will be held from 11AM to 4PM, on Saturday, August 11. Shellback Artworks can be found at 1509 Post Road in Wells, Maine. See you there! -- PL


  1. What fun! If it weren't such a long drive, I'd be there.

    I really, really like Steve's sign, by the way. It's absolutely perfect. Did you help design it?

  2. Hi Peter,

    I was wondering if there would be any chance (fingers crossed), that you would have any of your art (comic pages/covers, commissions, etc.) for sale that day? I think I have all of the prints you've had for sale at Shellback, but would love to have an original piece. I can give you my e-mail, if you want to give me some info offline.

    Look forward to seeing all of you guys there, and getting the chance to meet you again.


    1. Chris, I generally don't sell my comic book pages anymore, but I am happy to do Turtle head sketches for a reasonable price if time permits. -- PL

    2. Dang, I would love to have the chance to buy one of them. I'll definitely get a couple of head sketches though. See you there.

  3. Is there a wed site for the store?