Friday, May 4, 2012

Blast from the Past #530: Leonardo battling monster

My good friend and former Mirage Studios stalwart Steve Lavigne came down from Maine yesterday, partly to go with the other Mirage-ites to see an early morning show of the new "Avengers" movie today. But last night he and I were going through some of my art files, and I stumbled across a few odd pieces that I will probably end up putting on this blog.

One of the more startling ones was this drawing. Done in ball-point pen on lined paper in 1992, it's very likely something I doodled during one of the many lengthy partnership business meetings Kevin and I took part in, because I rarely draw anything on lined paper.

It's startling to me because it is a fairly elaborate drawing, yet -- before Steve and I unearthed it last night -- I had completely forgotten about it... no memory of it whatsoever. -- PL


  1. Pete - that drawing is incredible! I'm not used to seeing you do such detailed drawings. Your stuff always looks good but it's cool to see a non-Turtle monster drawing.

  2. Well, leo is in it, so its kinda a turtle drawing. Looks awesome though! should have made it to one of the books.

  3. That is one awesome drawing!