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Blast from the Past #408: May 27, 2004: Re: Sub-Branding

Subj: Re: Sub-Branding
Date: Thursday, May 27, 2004 11:53:18 AM
To:   Lloyd Goldfine

In a message dated 5/27/04 10:40:43 AM, Lloyd Goldfine writes:

Hey Peter –
 Just got a message from Mike Rinzler from Playmates.  They’re getting to the point where they need to know what our sub-branding line for season four is going to be.  I know we have agreed broadly on the “Mutants” handle, but clearly Playmates will need a sub-brand line before we have mapped out our entire season.  I sent you a list of suggestions to get the party started (I believed you liked “The Mutant Agenda,” though we agreed it wasn’t the most exciting).  I think I like “Mutants and Monsters” best so far…
 Please let me know how you think we should proceed? 


Gack -- who ever thought up this concept of "sub-branding"?! I guess we should go forward with it, though it would probably be easier for us to think of something cool once we've actually figured out next season.
I don't have a big problem with "Monsters and Mutants" or "Mutants and Monsters", though it does have a kind of "Dungeons and Dragons" ring to it. Here are a few more ideas to chew on (I apologize if you've seen some of these already, and also if I inadvertently repeat myself!):

-- Mutant Shock
-- Shell Shock
-- Ninja Shock
-- Mutant Mayhem
-- Mutant Madness
-- Mutant Havoc
-- Mutant Onslaught
-- Mutant Terror
-- Turtle Terror
-- Turtle Storm
-- Mutant Rampage
-- Ninja Rampage
-- Mutant Massacre
-- Mutant Chaos
-- Mutant Reign
-- Mutant Rage
-- Ninja Rage
-- Mutant Wave
-- Ninja Wave
-- Ninja Slam
-- Mutation Nation
-- Mutation War
-- Mutant War
-- Ninja War
-- Ninja Strike
-- Mutant Strike
-- Ninja Lightning
-- Ninja Slam
-- Ninja Smash
-- Ninja Challenge
-- Mutant Challenge
-- Mutant Combat
-- Ninja Assault
-- Mutant Assault
-- Ninja Carnage
-- Mutant Crusade
-- Mutant Annihilation
-- Mutant Extermination
-- Mutant Extinction
-- Mutant Ruin
-- Mutant Wreckage
-- Ninja Termination
-- Mutant Termination
-- Turtle Termination
-- Mutant Revolution
-- Ninja Revolution
-- Nexus War
-- Ninja Curse
-- Mutant Plague
-- Mutant Scourge
-- Mutant Breakdown
-- Ninja Cataclysm
-- Ninja Crash
-- Mutant Bane
-- Ninja Catastrophe
-- Mutant Corruption
-- Mutant Devastation
-- Ninja Knockout
-- Mutant Outrage
-- Ninja Darkness
-- Mutant Conquest
-- Mutant Brawl
-- Ninja Brawl
-- Ninja Riot
-- Mutant Trouble
-- Ninja Panic
-- Mutant Dread
-- Mutant Fear
-- Ninja Pursuit
-- Ninja Mutation
-- Mutant Metamorphosis
-- Mutant Warp
-- Mutant Evolution
-- Mutant Rebirth
-- Mutant Transformation
-- Megamutants
-- Mutant Coup
-- Mutant Resolution
-- Mutant Insurrection
-- Mutant Revolt
-- Mutant Outbreak
-- Mutant Underground
-- Mutant Uprising
-- Mutant Uproar
-- Mutant Shadow
-- Mutant Flux
-- Mutant Mystery
-- Mutant Enigma
-- Mutant Maze
-- Mutant Labyrinth
-- Mutant Secret
-- Mutant Conspiracy
-- Ninja Illusion
-- Mutant Snare
-- Mutant Maneuver
-- Ninja Trap
-- Mutant Ambush
-- Mutant Chill
-- Mutant Wasteland
-- Mutant Void
-- Ninja Wipeout
-- Mutant Wreckage

-- Pete

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  1. Is it just me, or does "sub-branding" seem like a really cheesy way to sell more toys?

    I remember as a kid different toys I was into (Batman, Ghostbusters, etc) would try sub-branding. Most of us saw right thru it. We'd buy a cool toy if it was a cool toy regardless of the branding.

    Sometimes I wonder if toy company executives were ever kids, or if they at some point forgot what being a kid was like.