Monday, February 21, 2011

Blast from the past #351: Plot idea for crossover with "Bade Biker" and "Gizmo"

This is kind of an oddball one.

Looking through an old sketchbook, I came across this page. It's not dated, but from the contents, it had to be written before I plotted issue number seven of the original "Tales of the TMNT" book, because I clearly reused some elements of the plot for THIS proposed crossover.

I am not sure what inspired me to come up with this idea, but I have to say, looking at it now, that it would probably have been a lot of fun to work with Mike "Gizmo" Dooney and Jim "Bade Biker" Lawson on this.

And zombie dinosaurs could have been neat. -- PL


  1. Yeah it would have been cool, as long as Jim drew all of the zombie dinosaurs of course.
    It's extra funny that it was a proposed "Christmas Special" ;)

  2. This sounds like it would have been a really cool comic, The fact that it would have been a "Christmas/Crossover" makes it even cooler. Zombie dinosaurs for Christmas, who could ask for more?

  3. Sounds great! You know it still can happen! I believe the post above indicates Mr. Dooney's interest now if Mr. Lawson can be talked into doing his Zombie Dinosaurs you'll be in business!
    Lets just not let the amazing concept be as long as the wait for The Forever War! :D