Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blast from the Past #354: TMNT art for Kevin Munroe

I found this recently in a sketchbook that I rarely use. It's a drawing I did several years ago as the basis for a "congratulations card" for Kevin Munroe, the director of the fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. I really liked what he had done with the movie, so I drew this up...

... then scanned it, put some word balloons in with dialogue from all four Turtles saying congratulatory things, and sent it to him. If I remember correctly, I think he got a kick out of it. -- PL


  1. I love the tight closeups of these drawings. Something about the way ink reacts to sketchbook paper.

    It must be pretty cool to consider that your black-and-white comic book went on to become the basis of four major movies. I've always wondered, out of all the weird and wacky different "versions" of the Ninja Turtles out there, did you have any particular favorites, as far as the designs of the Turtles themselves?

  2. Cool sketch Peter! I think Kevin Munroe did a fantastic job with TMNT and even feel that film is underrated to a certain degree. It would've been nice if Munroe was able to make sequel to the film.

  3. Thats is a pretty cool drawing. That also looks like the perfect book mark!

  4. That's an awesome drawing, Mr. Laird. One thing I find odd though is that Donatello is scowling with Raphael and Leonardo is smiling with Michelangelo. You don't ordinarily see that.

    As far as the CGI movie is concerned, I thought it was good but the plot could've been better. Like instead of Leonardo coming back to the city, you could've had the other Turtles go to Central America to find him.

  5. Well with the latest TMNT sneek peek what do you think about Nick's approach?

  6. http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/03/10/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-nickelodeon/

  7. I like Kevin Monroe's TMNT a lot. As a kid growing up watching the turtles. I get the story of the four brother breaking apart and the sibling rivalry between Leo and Raph. I would say it's a good and entertaining movie overall but fans that grew up with the turtles will get even more from the characters.

  8. Peter,

    I'm not quite sure what the ettiquette is on contacting you, and even if doing it publicly through your blog is the way to go, but first of all may I say a long coming congratulations, and thank you on the creation of the TMNT, I'm 29 and still watching them!

    I am currently studying film and animation and have been given an assignment on the production of a TV, I know you've sold your baby on, but still would like to ask you about your 2003 series, or even if you can point me in the direction.

    If you have time, as I know you're a busy man and can't answer every one's fan mail, please contact me at scottyhewitt@gmail.com

    Thank you, and sorry if this isn't the way to go about thing!

    Look forward to seeing some more great work!