Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blast from the Past #347: "Ultimate Drako" designs

(Pursuant to mikeandraph87's comment in my "Blast from the Past #346" post from a few days back, I am posting the following.) 

When the storyline in the 4Kids' TMNT series had the two villains, Drako and the Ultimate Ninja, being accidentally combined through the power of a mystical vortex (or something -- can't remember all the details), I gave some thought to what this new character/creature should look like, and came up with these sketches. (For some reason, the file on my hard drive was slightly corrupted and I had to crop the bottom of it, which took off part of the "Ultimate Drako"'s feet.)

I thought it would be unusual and creepy to have Drako's and the Ultimate Ninja's heads basically switch position in this bizarre amalgam of both characters. And I liked the bit where the new set of arms would have these big bat-wing type hands which could cover up Drako's head and then open up to reveal it. I don't recall if that feature was ever used in the show, and I don't think this figure ever made it into Playmates' toy line.

And here is the color animation model art that 4Kids created based on my sketches. -- PL


  1. Go to 4:54-6:45:

    That will refresh yhour memory as it did mine. I don't believe the bat-like wings were ever used to hide Drako's head in place of the chest. Also, the two characterrs were made into indivdual figures but the amalgam of the two never made it to the toy shelves.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. An Ultimate Drako figure may not have been in stores, but I sure as heck have one on my shelf...!

  3. could you post some of the original ultimate ninja sketches? Like his designs? Maybe some you rejected while you were drawing up the character? Tha'd be awesome :)

    1. Michaela, if I come across any, I will post them... but my memory of this is that I did not have much to do with the design of the Ultimate Ninja -- I am pretty sure that was one of many designs submitted to Mirage by 4Kids which I thought was just fine as is. I think I only really had a hand in creating this mash-up look for the "Ultimate Drako" character. -- PL