Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Sale: 1986 "Hampshire Life" with TMNT cover story

Well, not just yet -- I still have to ask Dan if he can put these up on eBay and see what kind of response we get.

I found these today while looking for some stuff in my old studio, and doing a little cleaning and stacking of recyclable paper. There was a small pile of these -- about ten of them -- that I'd forgotten I'd saved. (I think these are the only complete copies of "Hampshire Life" that I ever kept -- usually I would just clip whatever art I'd had in them.)

It's kind of a neat bit of TMNT history -- a three-page story with interview quotes from both me and Kevin Eastman, plus photos and artwork. And they used Kevin's full-color cover art from the first printing of TMNT Volume One number 7 on the cover. There's also a nice editorial introduction by my "Hampshire Life" editor and friend Nancy Frazier, accompanied by a few examples of the art I did for the paper.

I took these photos tonight really quickly, so please excuse the sketchy quality. Here's the cover...

... the editorial...

... and the story. -- PL


  1. I really hope these can go on sale... and that they will be available to those with international addresses

  2. Scale of 1 to personally fulfilling was it to go back to "Hampshire Life" as their cover story after having illustrated so many of them? ;-)

    This is definitely a neat bit of TMNT history that most of us have never seen before, might make a go at one if they wind up on ebay.

  3. As a fan of TMNT, this newspaper article was a great read. Peter, I was a not aware that you had any martial arts training in your past. This minor revelation was surprising to me, but I'm sure that it helped serve as the basis to the creation TMNT (along with being a fan of Bruce Lee & Marvel Comics).

  4. what a great find. I would be interested in for sure. that is perfect to add to the turtle archives for sure. hope to see them on ebay :-)

  5. Or maybe copies of this on Ebay. That would be great! Thanks for the interesting read!

    What belt did you make it to if I may ask?

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