Monday, December 7, 2009

Blast from the Past #257: Self-portrait as Turtle at a drawing board

I've done a few different cartoony self-portraits over the years, but I think this one -- drawn in 1988 -- may be my favorite. I can't recall if it was done for a specific reason, though I have a vague memory that it may have accompanied a print interview. Anyway, I like the drawing a lot, for some reason. -- PL


  1. hahaha this has now become one of my favorite drawings you have done to date! I love the expression on the face! Which turtle did you draw yourself as? lol. awesome pic i love it!

  2. I think I would agree, I really like this a lot too. Probably has something to do with the fun facial expression and the simple, but definite statement with just ink work. Nice!

  3. Katana, Sai, Nunshaku, Bo, and for the fifth turtle.... Pencil!

    Great sketch!

  4. That *is* adorable.
    Love the little smile.

  5. Yeah, that is awesome! :-)

    I think you are the 5th Ninja Turtle!

  6. " garsh said...
    Peter, are you a southpaw?"

    Yes. -- PL

  7. daniel schwarz said...
    Katana, Sai, Nunshaku, Bo, and for the fifth turtle.... Pencil!

    that reminds me of donatello 1 of 1 from mirage volume one.
    jack kirby himself is holding his pencil the whole issue and he kicks everybodys ass with it.
    (without even hurting em)

  8. Southpaws are the best Sly Stallone,Peter Laird, and me! :D

    A bit of a mustache it looks like. I didn't remember that from older pics.

    Very cool portrayal. Now only if Peter the ninja turtle could be drawn with Stan the samurai rabbit.

  9. nice drawing and very funny to draw yourself too as a tmnt

  10. So Kevin came up with Venus, but you came up with this? I kid!

    - Johnny