Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blast from the Past #258: Another advent calendar Christmas card

I posted once before (http://plairdblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/merry-christmas-eve-day.html) about a personal Christmas card I made which incorporated an Advent calendar. I found another one -- it's undated, but judging from the style of drawing (especially the "old-school" Turtles), I would guess it was from December of 1984.

I drew the top part on coquille board. This card was pretty big -- each half was 8.1 by 11 inches, so when taped together in the middle, they made a folding card which was 22 inches wide and 8.5 inches high when opened. Here's what the card looked like when unfolded:

And here are the little surprises which would be found as each "door" in the card was opened:

I think this may have been the second and last of these cards that I did -- they just got to be too labor-intensive and time-consuming. But that being said, they were also a lot of fun. -- PL


  1. wow what an amazing card! This is something that is really awesome esp with the attention to detail. this is a great post for the holidays. I also dig the surprises on the second drawing as well.

    is that you and your wife decorating the tree? Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so awesome! If only Hallmark could sign a deal with you. ;)

    Raph is easy to pick out. I'll assume that is Don with you and the Mrs. Though which might be Mike and Leo?

  3. Ha ha... I like the "Artist for Hire" that would've been on your shirt. :)

  4. -->> yeh, like Mike said was gona say, that looks like your wife in there !! !! ( ?! )

    I don't believe we've seen characitures of your family from you before.

  5. I don't know mikeandraph87... it's pretty tough to say which turtle is which without them holding their weapons. I guess Pete had a strict no weapons in the house rule (pretty sensible).

    I would guess that Mike is the one on the far left helping decorate the tree. Of the three turtles singing on the other side of the card, I'd say Raph is on the far right with his arms crossed, Leo is in the middle leading the singing, and Don is on the left, belting out a high note, but I could have Mike and Don mixed up, or all 4 of them for that matter.

    Cool card. Looks like it was fun to make.

  6. This is really nice. I am working on a holiday card right now, tons of work!!

  7. -->> ..closer look at the inner "Calendar Door" workings -

    ..there is the PAC-MAN character gobbling a bauble along with the Triceratops ..

    maybe i'm the only one who's gonna give a crap about this, but those old-school NAMCO games inadvertently were stable of my screwy childhood ..growing up in arcades and whatnot.

    Never for the life of me would i ever thought i'd see Pete's art rendering Pac-Man !!

    HOLY --


  8. -->> Hm - i better recant some of that.

    The other advent calendar he posted does have a bit more of a traditional "PAC - MAN" on the door reveal.

    But i will say this looks like one of the more "BI - PEDAL" More commonly when BANDAI NAMCO advertises a Pac-Man he usually is in his more bipedal form with arms and leg as you know ( i.e. "PAC-MAN WORLD" series ). There are variations of coarse in his representation depending on the media, advert or game of coarse ( i.e. his classic puck / pie shaped representation .. which is near universally associated with PAC-MAN overall even with modern Pac-Man games ).

    Allt hat aside, i'm gonna daringly assume that Pete is a classic gamer as i always suspected and a Pac-Man fan at that.

    ~ t

  9. its cool you reckognize the difference between the early mirage turtles and the late 80s mirage turtles.

    theyre both cool,but these remind me more of the independant comics of the time so theyre cooler.

    thats just a good picture,the fugitoids even there.
    (...im waitin for fugitoid #2)

    my guess:from left to right:

  10. You should have this colored and printed and sold online. This thing is amazingly well crafted and very creative!

  11. This was 1984 so the Pac-man cartoon from HB was out and the Pac-Land arcade machine too. Both had Pac-man with legs and arms in that, Probably where Peter got the inspiration from :)