Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Fugitree is up!

Yesterday my daughter Emily came home for Christmas, happily avoiding the many snowstorm-related flight delays that plagued many people over the last few days. That afternoon, we were able to continue our tradition of going out to buy a Christmas tree together.

Last night we, along with Em's friend Zach, worked to transform this naked tree...

... into the mighty "Fugitree"! As the idea of decorating the tree with vacuum-metalized Fugitoid figures was originally Em's idea, it seemed only appropriate that she should be involved in helping to hang the fifty shiny 'droids on the tree. Here she is -- slightly blurry -- hanging 'Toids on the tree.

We had a disagreement about what kinds of lights to put on the tree -- I wanted our usual mix of white and colored lights, while Em pressed for just white lights. In the end, we went with her idea, and I must say I now agree with her. She also bought a small selection of shiny silver globe-style ornaments to compliment the Fugitoids, and I think they work well. Here's a view of the whole finished tree...

... and a close-up...

... and Em, Zach and Louis posing with the Fugitree.

And finally, here's a shot of the tree as it looked in the light of day when I got up this morning.

I think it looks a little better at night, but still pretty darned cool either way. -- PL


  1. wow, just wow, that is one beautiful tree Pete. The white lights and the Fugitoids just make it sparkle like magic. You guys did a great job!!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas. Awesome tree, just awesome! - Mauro

  2. Sweet. Can you take another pic tonight with all the lights turned out? And no flash?

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! make sure to tell Em the same. we are very sorry that we will not be able to join the fam this year, but as soon as Ian is beyond newborn stage, we will be able to travel a bit more. Looking forward to you meeting him! Have a GREAT Christmas Pete!

  4. I concur to Wid Goose's statement. It would be nice to see what it looks like without the lights on.

    I gotta love that tree. I am tempted to try to string the original toy line into ornaments and maybe Casey,Rat King and Krang, too! Always the inspiration,Mr. Laird!

    Just a friend?You better watch Zach. ;0). jk.

  5. I like the morning shot with the natural light. My local comic book store said he was going to be getting some Fugitoids in so I held off purchasing online. Pretty soon Im just going to order a couple online.

  6. I am so envious! That is the coolest Christmas tree ever...unfortunately my family would probably not agree with me, and thus having my own personal Fugitree would likely be vetoed. Not to mention for me to assemble that tree would require many Fugitoids thus costing several hundred dollars. One day though, one day.

    Also since I know she reads this, excellent style choice to omit the colored lights Emily, you kept the Fugitree extra classy.

  7. Looks great! Merry Christmas!!


  8. Update to my previous post, I was super inspired by your awesome tree so I just snuck 3 Fugitoids on to ours. :-) It's cool factor already went up significantly.

  9. That is pure awesomeness. Is it boingboing worthy?

  10. That's a great tribute.. Gotta love it, Pete!!

  11. Mmmm sparkly goodness... my God, it's full of Fugitoids ;)

  12. cheeers to Emily!
    (and whoever chose the ornament colors)
    i noticed how good that looks right away.

    its really cool its the fugitoid too,the earliest mirage comic.
    (i think)

    i took your lead,
    i replaced baby jesus in a mini-manger...WITH KRANG

    murray christmas all!
    (as in bill murray,the funniest man on the planet)

  13. Merry Christmas to a man who gave me a huge piece of my childhood and gave me my #1 hobby for life,Peter Laird. I extend the wish to Jeannine and Emily as well! :D

  14. Merry Christmas Peter! What a wonderfull tree! What will you do with all those fugitoids after Christmas? :)

  15. That is so awesome. If you do have plans selling any extra Fugitoids, please let us know Pete. Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New year.

  16. -->> Did you guys connect some little metal loop screws on the top of the Fugi heads to hang them up ?! Looks like you did.

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    P.S. great tree!

  18. "Ashley said...
    Ok I was thinking of this photo I saw around Christmas and had to track it back. I thought I saw a cube power supply in the background."

    Sharp eyes!

    " If so then Hey Great! Another fellow Apple Cube owner. Not sure if you know but there are a number of us over at www.cubeowner.com
    P.S. great tree!"

    Thanks! Yes, I am an Apple Cube owner. I confess that I don't use it much these days (I do most of my work on a MacBook Pro), but it's a great unit. -- PL

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