Friday, November 27, 2009

Blast from the Past #255: TMNT group shot

(I have the feeling that I've posted this before, though a quick search of the blog seems to indicate otherwise.)

This is a group shot I penciled and inked (with a brush) back in 1986. It was done, as far as I can recall, just for the heck of it. -- PL


  1. Really Nice looking, Peter. Even decided to set it as my desktop background...a little cluttered for a desktop theme, but it's a great picture, so what the heck?
    Just for the fun of it, huh? Maybe someday your desire to draw the tmnt will return. Great piece.

    - Johnny

  2. I second what mir said! We look forward to the "just for the heck of it" drawings to be put out again in the future.

    I can say its my favorite artwork thus far since sginnig up a month ago. I especially like Michelangelo getting more of the front for a change.

    Again I hope you adn ms. em had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. awesome inking, as usual :)

  4. just for the heck of it drawings are the best.

    donatello looks like a badass back there.

  5. Yeah, Donny looks pretty intense!
    I like how Raph is just swingin into the picture. Great piece!

  6. in the Turtlemania special on page 12
    there is a pinup group shot you did dated the same year. Although the poses are different this group shot reminds me of that one allot. I can picture the two animating into each other. At first glance I thought this was that one and went through my collection to see.

  7. That artwork is something Turtle power! I have wondering. Is it okay for a fan to fnafiction or not?

  8. thats so good great drawing like the poses alot