Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Preparing for the Fugitree

A couple of days ago I decided it was time to start preparing for the creation of the "Fugitree" (as one of this blog's Commenters wittily named it). So I hauled in the huge box of "Fugitoid Collector Figures" from Playmates that I've had sitting out in the garage, and started the process.

It's drudge work, involving opening each small white cardboard box, carefully slicing open the little plastic bag, removing the Fugitoid, and affixing a loop of ornament-hanging wire around his neck. I'm not sure how may of these I'm going to do -- the big box holds one hundred Fugitoids, but I think the tree will look great with just half that number, maybe less. We'll see.

(I'm saving all of the packaging materials so that when Christmas is over and it's time to take the tree down, I can put each Fugitoid back into its little box.)

I've already done about twenty of the figures, and here's a photo of them in a large bowl I've borrowed from my wife.

Emily's little dog Louis, sitting on the couch, displays his total lack of interest. After all, Fugitoid Collector Figures, while chewable, are not edible. -- PL


  1. Awesome concept. Only thing is poor Fugi is getting hanged, lassoed around the

    Nice tree. The dog just doesn't get that. A et a few of us are jealous.

    No to get my Fugitiof via Diamond Distributing.

  2. none of them have a Transmat device... their trapped inside that bowl trying to get out! what if General Blanque finds them! set them free! set them freee!!!!!

  3. The final result is going to be a tmnt tree of awesome, for sure.

    Emily's little dog is so cute!

  4. What a wild idea. That dog is adorable!

  5. I know I'm jealous...I don't even have ONE yet. You may not own the rights to the character itself anymore, but still, I know he's one of your favorites, and to have 100 of them?

  6. the trees going to be pretty cool.

    mirage's fugitoid's a great character.especially who he is and his way of thinking vs. the situation hes in early on.
    vol.4 too,finally,hes in it alot,haha,and he drinks with casey.

    im going to copy you,because honestly,in the future wont we all be hanging robots from our trees?

  7. Can't wait to see the finished result.. Hopefully the Triceratons don't see it from outer space...

  8. Got my four little movie (four) turtles on my little tiny fake tree-- those fugitree figures look teh awesome!

    Funny, how many people I know who Ninja Turtle up their trees!!!

    OFF-TOPIC!!! 4kids posted (and someone else REPOSTED) the "Turtles Forever" "director's cut" or "uncut" version online-- and I was so glad to see it!

    And I will say that, ONCE AGAIN, I teared up at the end.

    Now-- where are the piccies of your Fugitree?


  9. -->> That Fuigipup is really REALLY cute..

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