Thursday, July 2, 2009

A visit from Lloyd

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a visit from Lloyd Goldfine, who was taking a brief break from his frenetic schedule of working on the completion of the three-part 25th anniversary TMNT animated special. (Lloyd tells me it's the most complicated Turtle thing he's ever worked on.) The visit was actually part business -- Lloyd had a few detail questions he wanted to ask me related to the special.

We even managed to squeeze in a nice bicycle ride from Northampton to Easthampton and back, narrowly avoiding getting soaked in a sudden downpour. (Big thanks to my friend Rob who let us take shelter -- and eat our Subway sandwiches -- under his backyard gazebo-thing.)

But it was mostly a time to hang out and reminisce about the last seven years of working together on the 2K3 TMNT animated show. For my part, one of the best things about working on the show was getting to know Lloyd and collaborating with him on the many episodes we did. It was kind of a little sad reflecting on the show, as we were also acknowledging that this three-part special is the end of that era.

But that's why Lloyd is doing his best to make it a worthy send-off. He's busting his ass and working long hours to get this thing done, and done right.

I hope I get the chance to collaborate with Lloyd in the future -- maybe we could even work together on some non-TMNT thing.

Before he left to head back to NYC, Lloyd gave me a DVD with the three parts of the special on it. It's not finished yet -- there's still a lot of sound work and editing to be done -- but the story is all there. And I think when fans see the finished product, they're going to smile. I know I did. -- PL


  1. I am so looking forward to this, Peter. Thank you for all the hard work on the 2k3 series!

  2. Looking forward to seeing Lloyd again at SDCC in a couple of weeks. Great dude!

  3. As someone who grew up with the original series, I have really enjoyed the 2K3 series. Looking back I'd say my favorite was the battle NExus series. It really showcased my favorite turtle Mikey as more than just a jokester. Loyd is a really nice guy and has done a great job.

    Can't wait for the three-part special.

  4. Really awesome to hear that. Glad you guys got to reflect a little bit. Even moreso, as they say when one door closes, another opens.

    I really think we're on the verge of seeing a new chapter written in the TMNT story and Lloyd and all the 4Kids people did a really great job holding the torch during this time.

    Really looking forward to the 25th Special and to many more awesome TMNT experiances ahead.

  5. I cant wait for this DVD to come out.

    Hey Peter is there any word when 4kids is going to release seasons 3, 4, and 7 on DVD? It's taking them forever to release the sets.

  6. This sounds awesome, Peter! Cannot wait!

  7. -->> Like the cliche goes ( tho' it must be true ) :: Every closed door opens up a few new ones .

    don't think this is the end of TMNT animation or related at all.

    Myself, i am prolly able to enjoy the show even more now than in it's initial run.

    Instead of bitching and moaning about it i did my best to enjoy the ride.

    But over the past 7 years + i've barely been able to funlly appreciate it as much as i wanted too due to the chaos of this life.

    Now i can go back and absorb the character development , design , adaptations , and stories to a full extent to a whole new level unlike before.

    So the positive impact of this show will last for years to come.

  8. You make me sad. I want more toons. I don't like that the series that got me back into a lot of fandom is officially done.

  9. It's been a shell of a great ride!

  10. I think along with the release of this, would be a great time for a complete know, COMPLETE... proper collection of the entire 2K3 toon series in box set form once and for all!


  11. -->> You can say that again , Colin !! !!

  12. -->> Damm .. Pop R.!!

    You guys are filled with such good vibes and ideas tonight !!


  13. Peter, I just wanted to say that the 13 year old version of myself that was obsessed with the turtles (who am I kidding, I still am) is very grateful to you making the very influential old original comics into the cartoons. Better than than I could have imagined at that age!

  14. Pete, please tell us if the '87 turtles have voices similar to the original actors or if the 2k3 actors just did them to.

  15. God bless you Peter, and God bless Lloyd Goldfine for the incredible run of the show, it saddens me beyond words that it's over, but boy what a solid run!!!