Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego, 1985

Here's an "oldie but goodie" -- Kevin Eastman posing in front of the old San Diego convention center where the SDCC was once held. This was in 1985, the first year we went to that show. It was a bit smaller back then. -- PL


  1. wow what a vintage image lol. Must be great to go back to something that is probably a hundred times larger and going with the success of the tmnt now. Nice picture!

  2. So was the fan base :).

    I can't wait for all the tweets coming out of tmnt 25, although it's going to be tough to stay away from ALL spoilers

  3. That was probably back when "Comic-Con" was actually about comics. LOL. My has fandom grown since then. It's pretty much mainstream these days. That's a good thing IMHO.

  4. Nice photo! It was still considered small in 1994. That was the first year I got to go and have gone non-stop ever since. I've got old pictures as well, but barely on ONE roll of film!

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