Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blast from the Past #210: Archie TMNT Adventures #33 cover

This is one of a series of covers I penciled for the Archie "TMNT Adventures" comic. I remember having a bunch of fun doing these drawings. Here's my pencils...

... and here's the finished version, inked by Ryan Brown with his brush of renown. -- PL


  1. -->> The TMNTA covers represent some of Pete's and Brown's finest work..

    these little masterpieces became the favourite thing about waiting for TMNTA each month, to see if Laird was gonna contribute to the covers.

    Katmandu is extra special, here.

    One of the more spiritual ( and political ) of the TMNT allies .. especially in representing the plight and struggle for the freedom of Tibet and the Dali Lama ( he was protector of the Charlie Llama, one of Splinter's great teachers. )

  2. This is so cool. I love Mikey riding hat wildebeest like creature.

  3. Dear Mr. Laird, my best friend and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I told him about the movie auditions that are happening this Saturday in L.A., and he wants MORE THAN ANYTHING to be in the movie as a member of the Foot Clan, but we cannot find a flight plan that would allow him to make it out there in time. If there is anything you can do (even if there is another audition coming up for the part of a smaller extra role or something) please let me know. I hate seeing him this upset, and we are both HUGE Turtle fans.

    Even if there is nothing you can do, we are still your biggest fans. Joey and Zack.

  4. Katmandu is an amazing character. Some of these lesser known Archie characters should really be able to get a new lease on life.

    (And as a martial artist, TMNT fan, and small-time actor, I echo Almond Joey's disappointment in there only being only one audition way out there in California, but that's neither here nor there).

  5. Dang this is sweet, very appealing perspective.