Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blast from the Past #212: Archie TMNT Adventures #3 cover pencils and inks

Here's another Kevin Eastman-penciled cover to the Archie "TMNT Adventures" series that I inked. First, Kevin's pencils...

... followed by my inks.

I always find it interesting to note what gets changed during the inking stages. -- PL


  1. -->> hell yeh !!

    Also the beginning of the end of the T.V. Based stories i believe !!

    So damm stunning, the before and after.

    Never seen this before !! !! Damm !!

  2. hello peter, great drawing i like seeing the pencil and ink i have this comic plus lots more from the originals right up to the new ones,i realy enjoy your blog and have been a tmnt fan for 19 years ,i just wanted to say you and kevin were a great influnce to me growing up as i drew tons of tmnt pics and waking up to rush to see my heros on tv in the mornings, the tmnt new cartoon is great got them all on dvd now ,looking forward to turtles forever and the new movie ,one of my fave pics is the cover of first printing book 1 do you have pencils and inks of that?id like to see them oh would you and eastman ever do a once off comic together again?, thanks for 25 years of turtle power ..Damien Rowe

  3. In the pencil version, the blast that comes from Shredder's hand looks like some kind of mystical power. However, in the inked version it looks like some kind of digital effect with all the rectangular shapes.

    i was gonna say you improve it alot myself after seeing the 09 Eastman sdcc being inked.
    which was pretty cool to see step by step.
    thats rare talent to actually add to without taking from the pencils.
    (i once made comics that i colored,inked and regularly sold,a buck a page too heheh)

    prretty much, youre severly underrated in the comics industry.
    Dooney too,his frontispieces are like DAMN!

  5. -->> Tyr, you're more than right.

    Hell i was trying to get a note, nod, and a daily DA mention to the boneheads that are in charge of stuff like that on Deviant Art to make Mike be given in the very least his just due in the form of a Daily Dev. -/

    The power of his work shines thru' and DA'S ignorance continues to show well .. it's continued ignorance.