Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blast from the Past #209: TMNT on motorcycles by Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson did these four "Turtles on motorcycle" drawings some years ago -- I can't recall exactly when. But I suspect it was within the last decade. I think he did them to send to Playmates for consideration as toy designs. -- PL


  1. Those are realy nice designs.
    I could see them going for a bike ride in the flagship title, seeing as to how they can walk around in public. I have a feeling they would all enjoy Motorcycling.

  2. -->> Damm, Jim !! !!

    Yeh .. nothin' MOTO LAWSON can't pull off.

    The Planet Racers bike still remains the perennial fave - .

    The last bike pictured looks a tiny bit similar to the effect of Mike's Cowabunga Carl Motorbike toy from the other year.

  3. I thought these were toy designs when I first say them. They look great. I especially like the shell themed gear in the first one. The police bike reminds me of a toy that was made. Was there a police bike? Because I have that police Leo figure.

  4. -->> David, there wasn't a Police Bike .. but you are right that cop Turtle is incredibly reminiscent of the "Make my Day , Leo" figure.


  5. I like the motorcycle officer the best-- something about that expression that tickles me.

  6. I agree with Lord Nightwalker. If Raphael wasn't in the state he's in currently in Vol. 4, I could see him riding a bike. Even if that might invoke memories of The Next Mutation...

  7. Thanks tOkKa. I think the bike reminds me of April's news bike.

  8. make me art so i can tattoo it on my legs with my other tmnt tattoos :) and sign it so i can add your name on it too :)

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