Friday, May 1, 2009

On the road to FCBD...

I was originally planning to ride a motorcycle -- probably my Gold Wing -- to New Hampshire for Free Comic Book Day, along with Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne. Unfortunately, the predicted weather for today and Saturday was just too iffy, and that plan got shelved.

So today Mike, Jim, Dan and I drove up to Portsmouth (where we're staying overnight) in my car. Here's a photo taken by Eric Talbot (who can't come with us, sob, weep, wail!) just before we took off from Mirage early this afternoon:

I drove, and I like to take some non-highway roads to get to Portsmouth. One of these led us close to "Madame Sherri's Castle" (which I have blogged about before), and I aksed the guys if they'd like to check it out. They were interested, so I took them there. Here's a photo I took of Jim bravely climbing to the top of the ruined staircase:

... and here's a photo of Jim, Mike and Dan with that same staircase:

This little digression, plus a stop at the Vermont Deli in Brattleboro (where Mike bought a cookie that was almost as big as his head), and a later one to a Toys 'R' Us for a bathroom break, may have led to our being a little bit late in meeting up with Steve Lavigne in Portsmouth. Okay, it was also my missing the entrance to Route 95, which led us to travel some miles up the coastal road to Portsmouth -- nice views of the ocean, but definitely not as quick.

But Steve forgave us, and we all had a nice dinner at the Rusty Hammer in the center of Portsmouth. Being a little tired after dinner, I bid adieu to the dudes, who were going out on the town, and headed back to the hotel. I hope they had a lot of fun. Not TOO much fun, though... we have to work tomorrow! -- PL


  1. Sounds like a great day! Next time I'm in MA, I'll have to check out those ruins. I always love seeing places like that and pull over every time I see something similar while traveling here in Australia.

    Good luck with everything tomorrow! The print for Jake looks fantastic!

  2. It's FCBD! Can't wait to get an FCBD TMNT #1... if the stores in Southern California don't run out too quickly. I often arrive only to find the super main stream stuff left over.

  3. I love taking detours and diversions like that. Traveling the highways and interstates gets so boring.

  4. That castle is cool!!

    We gotta go all the way to Huntington Beach for FCBD....there's NOTHING in Corona, nothing on my side of Riverside sucks!!
    The good thing, Comics Unlimited has a bunch of back issues of TMNT I want. :D YAY!

  5. Well... I am officially pooped. After 5 hours (3 standing in lines) and 4 comic book stores later... I've come up empty handed.... No TMNT #1 FCBD issue, but I had fun. Every place said these were the first issues to go... though I didn't see the Love & Rockets one either. Anyone know if this an exact reprint of #1 or did it have "touched up" art work? I hope there is something available at the SDCC (Will you guys from Mirage be there?).

    Hope everyone else had fun today!

  6. Got to go to Golden Apple for my FCBD-- went to see K. Eastman, and William Shatner was there as well! Does the man plan on doing EVERYTHING? He was promoting his new "comic".

    Anyway-- that Castle-- was that your inspiration for that one print I have in my living room, where the turtles are exploring some ruin, and Mike has been snagged by some bony monster, and only Raph seems to notice?


  7. Cynthia thanks for the lead. Dropped by Golden Apple today and they had about a dozen copies left!

  8. Brookslyn-- GOOD! Glad to hear you were able to get a copy!

    Did ANYONE get the Dark Horse preview one? If so, did anyone get an extra and would be willing to trade for or sell it to me?