Friday, May 1, 2009

Jake Black benefit print at FCBD

Some of you may be aware that our friend Jake Black, writer on several issues of "Tales of the TMNT", was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. We're all rooting for Jake, and to help out a little with his medical bills, the dudes at Mirage put together this jam drawing, which we have made into a print to be sold for the first time at Free Comic Book Day in Rochester, NH, tomorrow. Mike Dooney started it off with his Leonardo, then I added Donatello, followed by Dan Berger's Casey Jones, Jim Lawson's Michelangelo, and Eric Talbot's Raphael. Here's the black and white art:

Our old bud Steve Lavigne agreed to color the piece, and although we didn't give him a lot of time, I think he turned in a sterling effort. Here's what the art on the final print will look like:

I'm pretty sure we'll be selling this 11 by 17 inch print for $20. Eric Talbot, who unfortunately couldn't come with us to this FCBD event, did sign all one hundred copies that we brought with us, and all the guys will be happy to add their signatures tomorrow for anyone who purchases a print. All proceeds will go to Jake. -- PL

(Art © 2009 by the respective artists, characters ™ and © 2009 Mirage Studios.)

To get more info on Jake and his health status, check out his blog at


  1. Too bad that can't be turned into one of those giant widescreen wall pieces and put in a nice frame. Would make a great art piece to hand on the wall...

    But something like that is what I had in mind for a logo :). Hope Jake gets better! If someone didn't send them to him already, let him know I put up his comic con panels on youtube :).

  2. Best wishes for Jake Black.

  3. I'm a friend of Jake's in Salt Lake and would like to buy a print. What can I do to get one?

    Scott Troxel

  4. are you guys still planning on auctioning off the original?

  5. I also wish to buy one online. Any chance of it becoming available?

    - Austin

  6. I'll buy one for sure. Even in this economy, can't pass up spending on something that goes to a great cause. Please let us know the deets, if it is in fact available to us. Thanks, Pete!