Friday, May 1, 2009

Fugitoid just misses the last shuttle to Free Comic Book Day

(Do they really have Free Comic Book Day on D'Hoonib? Hmm...)

Anyway, we're only a few hours away from heading up to New Hampshire for the FCBD event in Rochester. It's on Saturday at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 40 Columbus Ave, Rochester, NH. The doors open to the public at 10AM. Hope to see you there! -- PL


  1. -->> HAVE FUN , GUYS !! !!

    Can't wait to see pix !! !!

    (( Curse this Snapper body .. i can't fly to N.H. with my tired arms ))..

  2. See ya in the morning! :D

    ~Amy in Dover

  3. I love that fugitoid, I really hope it comes to the hands of the fans.
    Have fun at the shop guys!

  4. -->>AMY - MACH .. please post pictures please .. send us the link please !! !

  5. Have no fear, I'll be going with cameras ablazing! ;)

    ~Amy of Dover... and

  6. " The S said...

    NCBD? Isn't it FCBD?"

    Yes, it is, and thank you for pointing it out! D'oh! I have corrected my dopey error. -- PL

  7. I was thinking what if there really was an NCBD? It could be like Halloween but instead of candy you get comics! I will suggest this to my local comic book shop the next time I drop in... then they wouldn't have to pay someone to dress up in costume for the customers!