Thursday, May 7, 2009

More images from Free Comic Book Day 2009

Here are a few more photos from Free Comic Book Day last Saturday in Rochester, NH. This first one is of a young lady named Meagan Windham, who asked for -- and got -- her shirt signed by all of the Mirage dudes.

A photo of Jim Lawson signing her shirt was featured in an article in "Foster's Daily Democrat", a local paper -- here's the link for the online version:

This little dude below is, I think, one of those "second generation" TMNT fans we've started to encounter at shows.

These two gentlemen came in their cool homemade costumes -- that's Brandon Berry as Casey Jones, and T.K. Travis as the Shredder.

There were some folks selling these cool horns at the show -- they're held on by elastics, and really fit quite well. I like how the positioning of the camera's lens in this one of Mike Dooney about to take a photo makes him look kind of like some weird Cyclops.

And here we all are, modeling the latest in demonic cranial excrescences.

Unfortunately, I lost the business card of the people who make these fine add-ons. I thought they were very nifty. -- PL


  1. Man, I wish I could have made it to see you guys that day. :( Do you give quick tours of the Mirage studio? My Grandmother lives in Williamstown, so I'm out in that neck of the woods every once in a while.

  2. -->> .. handsome ol' devils.

  3. i would totally love to get my hands on those horns. would be awesome to wear at work. I am always happy when i see younger kids enjoying the turtles as much as i do. i know that when im older there will probably be a third, fourth, and fifth generation saying cowabunga and i will giggle like a dirty old man. thanks for the pictures Pete.

  4. NO SMOKING sign is a nice touch too , the photo wasn't taken in Hell after all ;)

  5. Love the horns! I used to have a small pair that you wore like a hairband.

    On a non-related note, went to see Star Trek tonight. I am dying to hear what you think if you see it, as Spock is a huge part of the story.