Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tales of the TMNT #25 cover in pencils and inks

While cleaning up a bit in my workspace at home last night, I came across these two things -- copies of my cover to "Tales of the TMNT" #25 in pencil stage...

... and in the final inks, before I colored it in Photoshop. -- PL


  1. One of my most favorite of the Tales stories! Lots of action and lots of humor.

    And the cover is sweet, too.

    Cynthia, almost packed for SDCC...

  2. awesome, love the inks especially!

  3. Quit cleaning off your frickin' desk and get to work on issue 30!


    Reminicent of the collected ' Return to N.Y.' ( at least for me.


  5. Pete does seem to do alot of cleaning.


  6. So awesome!
    I'd like to make a little side note about the NECA Foot Soldier,
    I'd really love to see the color of them like that of the City at War Covers or Tales # 25

    I seriously think though that if NECA wants to get the most out of these Foot Soldiers (like they have been with the other figures) that they either should bring out a box set of different color one's or they should make chase variants of them.
    But I know for a fact that fans plan to buy allot of these to begin with, the addition of color variants would only help sales.
    If you remember the old video games which many fans do, they could take a page from that book and do white ones, yellow ones, etc.
    Hell it would be cool if they did a Foot Soldier in the 4 turtles colors.
    They could do blue ones like on the back cover of the TMNT & other strangeness Role Playing Game.
    Sorry don't happen to have my issue with me so I can't give you an image of this one.
    They could also do black ones like on this image TMNT cover.

    I'd love to know what you think Pete!
    Hope all is well, sorry I haven't commented as of late I've been super busy!
    -Vaughn M.

  7. I think its funny how Pete finds priceless works of art when cleaning off his desk lol.

  8. Love the sketches, looks hot!

  9. It's still always awesome to see the work that goes into finished art. I often find it more interesting than the finished piece.

    It's sort of funny that you colored this one, though, because although it's one of my favorite Tales covers, I did wonder who colored it since the blood on Leo's sword (and the coloring on all the metal weapons in general) looked blurry in the finished piece. All the organics - the turtles, the clothing, did look great, though.

    Anyway, I all the action, and your inks are so tight it's amazing. Thanks for postin' it!

  10. One of my all-time favorite issues! Nice work on the cover art!

  11. It's been a week since the last post, you must be busy writing issue 30 or something...if you're not though, than I need a palblog update!

  12. This blog is like a never-ending behind-the-scenes dvd extra. I love being here.