Saturday, July 5, 2008

Even more art from Anthrocon 2005

These four drawings are the last of the art that I did for the Anthrocon 2005 program book. They wanted a few spot illustrations, so I did one of each turtle. I especially like the pose I chose for Leo. -- PL


  1. You have created the greatest heroes of all time. Thank you and Kevin E.

  2. These drawings are absolutely awesome. I was able to pick up the T-Shirt from Anthrocon 2005 when I attended this year's convention. I really hope you will attend another AC, your fans there missed you!

  3. -->> ..again, any all :: TMNT related COMIC projects you could work on in your own time ..not related to anything else Tales or Vol.4 or what have you. Something fresh and new ??

    (( In all fairness you may simply not have an answer for this, and do understand if you are unable to answer. ))


  4. yes they are the greatest heroes ever.

    They're different, they're not "super" with some special power, they're cool looking, they're my favorite reptile to boot.
    I like drawings like these, they would do well on those etchings for laptops,etc.

  5. Peter,

    I'm embarking on a career in graphic design and I'm creating an online portfolio. It's already up and running (I'll save you the shameless plug). One of my talents that I would like to boast about is being able to color in Photoshop. I am currently unemployed and thus bored all day. Short story shorter: I decided to color these turtles.

    Would you mind if I post the coloring job, which I am particularly proud of, on my site? I would completely understand if you said no, but I figured it was worth a shot. Thanks for your time.


  6. Leo's all like, 'I'm in yo face, punk!'.