Friday, July 4, 2008

More art from Anthrocon 2005

Here are two more pieces I did for the 2005 Anthrocon in Philadelphia. The first was printed on the official t-shirt for the show -- in its final form, it was in color, and printed on a yellow shirt, as I recall.

If I remember correctly, this second one was drawn to be printed as a free 8 1/2 by 11 print which people could pick up and get signed at our table.

I had fun drawing it! -- PL


  1. I can see it now, Gina is frantically searching eBay and posting all over the fandom hoping to find one of those shirts...

    Cynthia, not above teasing Buslady whenever and wherever possible...

  2. I just picked up one of those shirts from eBay not too long ago.

  3. yeah you like teasing me Cyn.

    I hope that wasn't Mikey's teddy! LOL!!!

  4. hahahah TMNT vs. Furrys I can see it now :P
    Raph: You best get away from me you costumed crazy fan girl! :P
    I'm lovin that art though as usual!
    -Vaughn M.

  5. -->> .. i'm dead n' in heaven ..

    .. (( TERROR BEAR - esque ))


  6. -->> B T W /..

    did you guys get Pete's killer TMNT group shirt from Wal-mart lastyear ??


  7. I recently discovered that going back to the source was often an effective way to prevent losing time on ebay... is where you can find AnthroCon's online store; both the 2005 book and the t-shirt - in multiple sizes ;) - are still available, at their original price.

    Thanks very much, PL, for posting this kind of art. As a collector (and a fan), I am strictly interested in TMNT comic-book related and other Mirage memorabilia, two areas of fandom which are overshadowed by toys and other "licensed" products. I enjoy very much all the old and rare art found on this and other Mirage artists blog, not to mention their value as a source of information.

    ... and it is a far more pleasing experience than ranting-filled "fan" forums...

  8. I realize I never formally introduced myself, as asked in a precedent post. So here it goes:

    My civil name is Simon Éthier, from Saint-Jérôme, Québec, a small industrial town 30 miles north of Montréal. I presently live in Québec-City, where I study at Laval U. to obtain, hopefully soon, a master's degree in performing arts. Like most people, I was introduced to the turtles via the 1987 cartoon and the first movie, and read the Archie comic french translations available at the time. By the early 90's, I got hooked by the Mirage comics, who got me interested in indie and alternative comics. Mirage was the opening door leading to Love & Rockets, Alan Moore, Matt Howarth, Frank Miller, Ross Campbell, and many other artists and books me and my friends enjoy today.

    I'm also the happy uncle of a 6 years old Donatello fan ;)

  9. Blogger Buslady of SoCal said...

    yeah you like teasing me Cyn.

    I hope that wasn't Mikey's teddy! LOL!!!


  10. Raphael finally taking down Boris the Bear huh? :p

    (remember the first issue of that comic Peter?!)

  11. "Mayhem said...
    Raphael finally taking down Boris the Bear huh? :p

    (remember the first issue of that comic Peter?!)"

    Yes, I do. It was, as I recall, fairly humorous... and pretty well-drawn, too. I wonder what became of the artist? -- PL

  12. Boris the Bear ran from 1986 until 1991. James Dean Smith has started to publish it again at Oasis Comics as of 2007.