Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snippets #16: April 27, 1984

       This one is from an April 27, 1984 letter to Mom and Pop:

       "Here's another dispatch from Turtle  land!

We are cautiously optimistic; the initial response seems to be positive. We just got some nice notes in the mail today saying that the book was, and I quote, "Gorgeous! Better than "Ronin"! Better than "Daredevil"! Better than "Cerebus"? Well, almost! Great alternative reading for all those "heavy" books." That was from a guy in Louisiana.
       We had the last of our interviews on Wednesday, and are waiting for them to appear in the papers. One may appear today, and if it does I will include it with this letter and mail it out to you tomorrow. Actually, our interviewing might not be over, because yesterday I got two calls from interested parties. One was from the UNH school newspaper; they might send a reported over to do a story on us. The other was even more interesting -- a woman from UPI (United Press International) called and asked me to send them a copy of the book, as they might be interested in doing a story on us. UPI, as I'm sure you know, is a BIG news wire service that is as its name implies, international. I sent a press release to their Boston office as a sort of joke; I really didn't expect anything to come of it. Maybe nothing will… but the possibilities are exciting.
       Today we also got in the mail three tear sheets from the upcoming edition of the Comics Buyer's Guide, sent to us as "proofs" for our full-page ad that will run in the next issue."


  1. Wow, according to the guy in Louisiana, I think it's finally about time I get to reading "Cerebus" =p

  2. The blu-ray of the movie has come and I am eager to watch it. I will watch it using my Aurora blu-ray player at home at Christmas season.