Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snippets #3: March 13, 1984

This is from a March 13, 1984 letter to Mom and Pop:

"I talked to Kevin's uncle Quentin yesterday, and he sounds very interested in helping us finance the bulk of our first printing of the turtles' book. Kev and I are still going at warp speed on the book. It's interesting to see that we can set ourselves a deadline and actually stick to it, especially when the project is so large. So far, out of a total of forty pages, we have 23 completely finished, perhaps another 9 three-quarters done, another 4 half-done, and the remaining 4 still in the pencil stage. So we are well ahead of our original schedule, which was to have the artwork finished by the end of March.

P.S. I'm enclosing a copy of the press release that we are sending out to help promote the book."

        It's interesting that less than two months away from the date of the Portsmouth comic book convention at which we were planning to premiere the first issue of TMNT, we still hadn't quite nailed down how we were going to pay to have it printed. It was great that Kevin's uncle Quentin stepped up and loaned us the balance of what we needed to print the book, but I have a strong feeling that even if he hadn't, somehow we would have raised the money. I might have even considered selling my original Jack Kirby "Thor" page" (though I confess that would have been painful). -- PL

       [D'oh! I just realized that I posted this letter excerpt out of sequence... I had more early stuff to post before this, but I messed up the order. Sorry! -- PL 12-07-14]]


  1. Do you still have that original Thor page to this very day?

    1. Yes, it is part of my small Kirby collection. -- PL

  2. This motivated me to look into my records, and I have an invoice dated March 22, 1984, which is for a variety of half-page artwork for the "Fighters for Justice" game.

    That jibes with my memory that when you dropped off that art around that timeframe, along with the game's finished color cover, you brought TMNT art (not the finished book) with you, and that was the only time we met Kevin.