Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snippets #12: March 26, 1984

This is from a March 26, 1984 letter to Mom and Pop:

"This afternoon I have an appointment with the New Hampshire Printers -- I am bringing the turtle book to them. It is completely finished, art-wise, and with luck the printing of it will be done in two weeks. Kevin's uncle did agree to finance the book, and he gave us a check last week. We are going to have three thousand of the books printed; hopefully we will sell a greater percentage of them than Don and I did of the "Calendar of the Gods". We have already placed a full-page ad in the Comics Buyer's Guide which should appear the week before the Portsmouth Mini-Con (the comics convention at which we will premiere the turtles). I'll send you a copy of the flyer that was made up for the convention -- it's alright, but I think they should have had Kevin and I do it. I can't remember if I sent you one of the press releases that I wrote up for the turtle book… I sent out nine of them to the major comics-related magazines, hoping to get some free publicity. Around the end of April, we're going to send out a bunch to the local media -- maybe some paper or local TV station will want to do a human-interest story on "local boys create own comic book" or something of that nature. In any event, I'll send you one of them.


P.P.P.S. I got my Comics Buyer's Guide in the mail today, and what do you know! -- They mentioned our book! So I'm also enclosing a Xerox of the page."

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  1. I was one day old when you wrote this letter. Only a few days away from being a life long fan! Haha