Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Snippets #7: July 18, 1983 and August 17, 1983

       This is from a July 18, 1983 letter to my brother Don:

"Since I was last at this terminal, several important things have happened: we've got a new roommate to move into our house, we got your letter Saturday, and we have decided on a way to visit you.
First things first… when we went to Ogunquit today to visit Kevin, we asked him about the possibility of his wanting to live with us in Dover in the fall, and he said yes! So after he finishes work at the lobster restaurant (sometime around September 20) he will move to Dover. I am excited! Now maybe Mirage Studios can move forward. We are both glad, Jen and I, that we don't have to go through the dreary process of finding a roommate now. Groovy, huh?"


        This is from an August 17, 1983 letter to Jeannine (probably when she was away for two weeks at the Breadloaf writing conference):

"I also got two messages from Kevin, who has been working an extra eight hours per week, which means a total of seventy hours. Yikes! I tried to call him at Johnny's Oarweed last night, but the phones are so squinky with the strike going on that I never even was connected with the restaurant. Fortunately, Kev called me this morning, and we are going to get together next Monday, and he'll give me September's rent. He sounded really excited about moving to Dover, and apologized for not getting in touch… though I think he has a pretty good excuse, what with the schedule he's been working."

       [Reading some of these letters reminds me that if a few small things had not turned out the way they did, Mirage Studios might have never gotten under way in any serious form, and there would almost certainly have been no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Would the world have been better or worse off? The jury's still out. -- PL]


  1. I like your "The jury's still out" joke, the turtles definitely made the world a better place.

  2. The Turtles were no doubt a really good thing for me, anyway.